6 Steps to Launching Your Small Business’s Video Marketing Strategy

Maybe you’re interested in exploring video marketing for your small business, but you’re worried that it will be too complicated or expensive. Thankfully, video marketing is now accessible to businesses of all sizes! If you’re interested in learning about the latest marketing trends, turn to Mobiritz News. In the meantime, here are a few essential tips on combining videos with content marketing, designing infographics for your videos, and deciding where to share your videos.


Why Video Marketing?


Why is investing in video marketing worth it for your small business? Aumcore states that compared to other forms of marketing, video marketing can boost your conversion rates, help improve your search engine rankings, enhance your presence on social media, and deepen your personal connection with your audience. Video is a powerful tool for illustrating your brand and the perks of your products and services. 


Types of Marketing Videos


Ultimately, any videos that are specifically intended to promote a product or service, or enhance brand awareness, fall under the umbrella term “video marketing.” But what kinds of videos should you produce? 99designs states that creating product demonstrations, a behind-the-scenes video highlighting your company culture, employee portraits, customer testimonials, and even branded short films and mini-documentaries.


Video and Content Marketing


Perhaps you’ve already seen some success with your content marketing strategy – but you can drive even stronger returns by integrating videos and written content. As you develop these videos, consider your audience’s interests and the problems they’re trying to solve so that you can create content with lasting resonance. If you’re confused about how video marketing and content marketing can go hand-in-hand, click here to consult online resources covering these topics.


Producing Videos


In order to shoot and edit videos, you’ll need the right set of tools! Indeed states that there are a wide variety of tools you might have to invest in, depending on your specific needs, such as a video camera, tripod, lighting set-up, microphone, audio cables, memory cards, an external hard drive, live streaming monitors, and video editing software. Before purchasing any new equipment, make sure to read honest customer reviews – you don’t want to buy expensive tools that aren’t really worth the money. You can also ask other business owners you know for recommendations.


What if you don’t have any employees with video production skills, or you don’t have much room in your budget to cover the costs of new video cameras and editing programs? You may want to consider outsourcing video marketing projects to agencies rather than producing them in-house.


Incorporating Infographics


Not every second of your video needs to include motion footage. You can also include infographics in your videos so that your audience can easily absorb statistics, basic facts and figures, and other essential information. With free templates, creating infographics couldn’t be easier. This site could be helpful for finding templates! Just add the text you want your audience to read, then dress it up with graphics, colorful hues, and background images.


Video Marketing Platforms


After finalizing a video, it’s important to publish it on the right platforms where you’ll get the most views. For example, you’ll definitely want to share your video on Facebook and YouTube. You can even upload your video to your Google business listing! When people check out your listing, they’ll see a clear visual representation of your company, which aids your business’s local reputation.


Video marketing can be a boon for your business. But sometimes, getting started with video production can seem intimidating. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to apply video to your content marketing strategy, design useful infographics, and promote your video across popular platforms.


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