Basic Instagram Tips to Promote Your Products on Instagram

Basic Instagram Tips

Social media has become the potential platform to express views and share yourself with friends and the people in your circle. Though there are plenty of social media sites available on the web, Instagram holds the most influencing position among them. Instagram gets fifteen percent more engagement compared to Facebook and Twitter. This particular feature makes this simple photo-sharing app the potential platform to market the products.

If you are keen to know how you can get success through this app, keep reading. This article will let you know how to use Instagram to promote the products.

Establishing a vast community base

According to statistics, almost thirteen per cent of the internet users own Instagram accounts, and top global brands have their business accounts. They prefer to engage with the audience with this simple and short video-sharing site. For brands that are searching for a global audience, Instagram is the right potential platform for them.

Here are the tips on building a huge community base on Instagram.

1.      Use people-centric hashtags

Hashtags are all about participating in any event or any group ideas. They make it easy to find the people who have participated in the same topic. Using perfect hashtags about the updates, it will be easy to reach millions of new people interested in your products or services. The main objective of the hashtags is that they can make your products popular across Instagram, and interested audiences can easily find out about the product when they search on Instagram.

2.      Apply right filters

Most Instagram users are not aware of the Instagram filters. They mainly use them to look good on the posts, but if they are used properly, the entire interaction will be rightly influenced. It is a recommendation to thoroughly use the filter to influence the audience. Alternatively, you can use an Instagram video editor to create appealing videos before posting on the platform.

3. Post only on the peak times

When you have a community, you must know that when maximum community members are active. This particular time frame is called the peak time, and after knowing the peak time, it will help you to engage with your audience. You can also use various tools to evaluate the engagement and the best time to post. After selecting that time, you can make your posts to make them popular.

4. Try to engage with followers of the competitors

Different users have different views. When someone follows the competitor’s Instagram account, it is important to know their reason. The users have already shown interest in your product just by following your competitor in your domain. Selecting and interacting with them will potentially increase the number of followers and leads. Several tools are being used to filter these users, and you can select according to your targeted audience.

5. Work with influencers on Instagram

To reach maximum users quickly, you should work with the influencers on Instagram who have a huge follower base. Though you have to spend a few bucks on applying this tactic, the chances are that you will get success instantly when they work for you to promote your brand. They post photos and videos on their account to educate the followers regarding the brand.

Transforming followers to potential customers

Having a huge community is not worthy unless the followers are not converted to potential customers. The special feature of Instagram lets people know about the product or service. Here is how you can achieve that target.

1.  Focus on limited period sales

People always want to have something new. Posting regular images regarding the products may not fetch more customers than adding a label of a limited period offer. This is the right way to poke the people regarding your product and services. When they see any available product for a few days or hours, they can show their interest in purchasing that before the deadline. This is a successful marketing tactic that maximum marketers follow for selling their products instantly.

2. Emphasize the new products

New products always attract the attention of existing and new customers. The Instagram channel is an excellent platform to interact directly with potential and loyal customers. Most of them are always waiting to know about the new arrivals. When you showcase your latest product, chances are, they will instantly become the purchaser.

3. Highlight the product reviews posted by the previous customers

Mere product descriptions may not attract more customers like the product reviews. Social proof is known as the best tool to convince people. They trust the reviews posted by the previous customers because they can’t be biased. Therefore, it is a great way to highlight the product’s social proof.

4. Promote the Instagram posts on different channel to get customers

If you want to popularize your posts beyond Instagram, this is the right time to promote that among other social media channels. Cross-posting the content to different social platforms comes with several ROI from the Instagram presence. In this way, you can rightly reach maximum people, and the brand will be promoted thoroughly.

5. Tag brands and followers while posting

Tagging potential customers while posting any new product or service will effectively promote the product on Instagram. Chances are, they will be thrilled and can become the first buyers of the product. It is also best to tag locations to let others know about your whereabouts.

6. Use creativity on your every post

Using creativity while writing captions would be the best thing to grab the followers’ attention. One thing is to keep in mind that everyone, including your followers, wants something new and interesting. Only posting raw captions make them dull, and they may not show their interest in your next posts. So, use creativity while posting something.

Wrap Up

Instagram is the best platform to engage with the audience, and it is easy to convince people regarding your product or service. Use the above tips to reach the maximum audience and create your brand presence.

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