Email Automation Guide for Small Businesses and Beginners

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Do you feel totally burned out of writing long, irrelevant, exhausting, and eccentric emails and newsletters for your email marketing campaign for your company? Want to save your energy from doing this? Tired of wasting a whole lot of time on just one simple task over and over again? Well, we have a solution here. It is easy, accessible, fast and an effective solution to all of your problems. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of building your business. But what we need to understand is that the times have progressed and so have the needs of our clients. They want it quick and in front of their eyes within a few snaps of their fingers. So what are the smart companies doing about it? They are using the latest automated email campaigns which trigger off their user’s interest and help you gather a wide pool of customers. When you start off with a small company there is only a 20% chance of your publicizing campaign getting done in a short time with a considerate amount of customers. So why do smart companies opt for automated methods? Because they are quick, precise, personalized, and relevant to the reader. Here is a detailed guide about email automation. 


As with the newsletters which are sent individually to each contact in your email list, the automated way is set up once and then automatically sends to each individual whenever they open the link or trigger a certain point. If you were to invite your friends via Facebook invite, it would great time and energy to skim through your 300 friend list and send it to each individual. Email automation makes your task easier for you by making them get started through an email and providing them a guideline of what they should do next. The true beauty of this method is that you sent the email once and then when people trigger a certain point it automatically is sent to them. 


‘’The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency’’- Bill Gates.  

Efficiency is what everyone is competing after. The more efficient your company is, the more success you are likely to attain in a shorter period of time. Email automation basically ‘automates’ your marketing for you. 

With this email automation, you can also save the time and energy you previously had to waste on each and every email. Since the email is not different each time, in a way you do not have to worry about coming up with unique engaging email ideas each time. 

Starting your own company can be hectic and tedious. You have so much on your head and yet you also have to outlook for the number of subscribers and the publicizing agenda as well. With an automated system, you are doing yourself a HUGE favor in terms of time and your own mental and physical energy. 

The ultimate goal of the email automation process is to generate more subscribers to your company. This will bring revenue to your company and drive a lot of traffic to your websites as well.

People are looking for quick responses in a short time. Personally, speaking who would not? With the rapid increase in the market, advertising is the only way to boost your company to the top. Since humans cannot surpass the efficiency of technological speed then it would be best if we rely on this email automation method. 

It helps with the drastic increases in product usage. 96% of the time the recipients do not directly respond to the email automation however it does leave them with a sober impression of your campaign. And that is where your next playing cards can come in. Once you are over this thing; the next step fits in the puzzle on its own. 

Some of the websites and campaigns opt for a series of email automation. The emails are automatically generated after every few hours. This leaves a great impression on your readers. 


  • Come up with engaging subject lines
  • Structure your entire email for any sort of scanner. Avoid using words that might drive down straight into spam folders. 
  • Have compelling language which engages the interest of the reader. 
  • Be comprehensive and have authentic content which sticks and is irresistible in your emails. 
  • Have a professional yet casual tone in your writing.

As a marketer, you would feel that more and more is up to your way in regards to time and efficiency. However, all of the most obvious campaigning styles out there, email still remains the most predominant of all. Setting up automated emails can help you come up with the most efficient results in a short time. 

Email Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Here is a short list of email automation tools well suited to small businesses and beginners.

  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • SendGrid
  • OmniSend
  • BenchMark Email
  • iContact
  • Aweber

We would be discussing each of the listed tools at great lengths in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned!



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