Everything you need to know about SEO to be a website pro


Website handling needs skill, designing and developing a website is a different skill. The main focus of this article is the appliance of SEO skills to become a website pro.

There are a lot of content creators, who have the ability to write crisp content effortlessly, but what they lack is the knowledge of SEO and they ultimately fail to display their talent in writing due to not being able to rank their web page in the search engines. 

If you are a blogger, but lack knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and want to gain insights on how SEO works, this article is definitely for you.

Here, we will be availing you of easy and most important techniques to use while creating content for your web page.

Stay connected until the end, as you will be gaining excellent and extraordinary insights on everything you need to know about SEO to be a website pro.

Last, but not least, with the help of this short few minutes read, you will be able to grow your digital appearance having applied the benefits of SEO services while preparing the content.

Following are a few, yet powerful SEO techniques to enhance the growth and reach of your blog;

It’s your content, keep it unique 

The best possible way ever to crack the secret of SEO is to be honest to yourself and Google. The content you tend to create must be written/typed or developed by yourself. 

The fact of the matter is that you can copy answers during the examinations, but plagiarism while creating content on your blog will lose your credibility and your standards may fall weak in the eyes of Google.

as your physical teachers may not be able to burst you red-handed, but in the case of Google, you can never pass the green line as Google is smart enough to tell that your content is not unique.

Quality is what matters the most, it is your ability to develop original content that will help you crack the SEO technique easily.

Always remember one thing, Google is your boss, you must first impress Google to list your page in the search engine. 

Google needs perfection and happily accepts content that is original, unique, and informative.

Therefore, the first-ever step is to ensure that your content is original and there isn’t a single claim of ownership over other content creators’ work.

If this is heeded properly, your content is all set to get listed in Google.

Use your keywords smartly with microdoses of cleverness. 

The keyword is the most important element while preparing content worthy of SEO.

The relationship between keyword and SEO is that of the bonding between an infant and its mother. Both cannot be separated, if done so, it leads to a major problem.

Therefore, one must plan the keywords for the page smartly and then the placements of the keyword must be done cleverly.

Always be conscious and keep an eye on the keywords wherever used, you must introspect it from time to time, to check whether the keyword fits the sentence properly, if it does fit in, then it means that you have cleverly injected the keyword to give it a sensible and originality to the content.

Moreover, shabby and lazy work should be avoided strictly. You must place your keyword in such a way that it looks unique, moreover, adding keywords unconsciously will look unnatural to your readers, therefore you may lose traffic and get disqualified when it comes to listing.

Nevertheless, make sure your content is not stuffed with keywords for the sake of filling in. it doesn’t work in this way, rather keyword stuffing shows that your content is unethical and may create a perception that your whole content is desperately created for the sake of traffic and earning. If this is your case, get ready to get rejected.

Keep it simple, smart, and most importantly be clever.

Let your site load at the speed of light

It is a  funny heading, is it? Well, yea. Before we discuss the loading part, I would like to outline the reason why the headline is a bit humorous but makes sense? 

Here is a bonus tip. Use your humor to explain the content, you are the service provider, each reader is valuable for the site, use your creative skills, play with readers’ emotions and make them feel that you love your work.

Most importantly, humor lets readers connect to you, and boom, you win their hearts and the next time they need some information, you are their first go-to website. 

Okay. extra details apart, let us dive into our exact focus topic. 

You must ensure that your site is not taking much time to load, if in case your site is taking time to load, you may have to sacrifice numerous potential target audiences. 

There are plenty of information services out there, if your webpage is slow in arrival, there is always an option for the readers to go back and select an alternative to the same information.

Assume for a moment that your website is a restaurant, your readers are here to taste your food, and you are the waiter/service man. It is your responsibility to deliver their orders as quickly as possible. 

Therefore, always be sure to improve the loading of your website is quick. To do so, use a light weighed theme, lower resolution pictures, remove unused CSS, etc. 


When it comes to optimizing your content for ranking high in the search engine, especially in Google.

you must use your skills in the best possible manner, be smart and clever at the same time, your smartness will lead to crisp, unique, and badass content, in contrast, your cleverness must lead you to the path that best fits the keywords of your potential content. 

Be a cheetah when it comes to the speed of your service, avoid a snaily trait to your site, as no one would want to experience such a delayed service. At least, I do not want to indulge in such slow service.

Short and sweet information isn’t it? Well, follow the steps properly and witness the power and its influence in the world of the Internet. 

Now get that content straight away to Google’s chamber and sit back to see how the game changes.  

Author BIO –  Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don’t give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.

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