How to Become the Best Sales Associate on Your Team

Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you are the first point of contact for all clients. You must ensure that the client understands what your brand is all about and help them make purchases. You need to understand the products you have, use proper language to sell them, and help the customer have a pleasant experience at the store. But there are so many of you on that team, how can you excel and be the best? Here are a few tips you will find useful.

Master Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is a two-way process and as a sales associate, you must excel at both sides. You need to be good at speaking and listening as well. The way you talk is very important. Be courteous and greet clients, explain to them about the products available and help them make informed decisions.

Your words will make or break a sale. Speak confidently about a product and a client will be eager to try it out. Never sound desperate as this may give a sign that you are trying too hard to sell a product that does not suit the client. Listening to the client’s needs is very important. Only by listening can you provide the right solutions.

Understand the Importance of Body Language

You may say many nice words but remain unsuccessful if you do not combine this with proper body language. Be inviting with a sweet smile, use your hand gestures to emphasize explanations and maintain eye contact as a sign of confidence, etc. Your body language will make a client feel at ease while conversing with you and this will usually lead to high conversions.

Be a Part of the Team

You may want to be the best but if the rest of the team is not there, who will you be the best among? So, be a team player. Do not work in isolation or make others feel like they are less important. Have a positive attitude towards other sales associates and other colleagues in your workplace. Help out when there is a need to and also do not be afraid to ask for help. You could learn a lot from other associates so being in a good relationship with them will help you in the long run.

Take Sales Courses

Your basic education may have been enough to land you that job but it may not be enough to help you become the best. It will not help you get that promotion you have been yearning for. To improve your selling skills, take on a sales course. Look for sales courses that equip you with different skills. For instance, if you want to get pitching skills, there is a course by Oren Klaff available at This sales expert will help you easily make sales.

You may also take other courses on subjects like communication, leadership, computer skills and marketing to name but a few. The best thing about sales associate courses is that they can be learned remotely. You do not need to physically sit in a class and listen to lectures. Just enroll online and learn.

Improve your Knowledge with Product Training

You may know everything about sales but how much do you know about the specific products you are selling? Product training entails education on all the details of a product. You will get to understand everything from what is in the product to how it is made. You will learn how to use the product, its advantages, and its disadvantages. With this information, you will give clients truthful information about the products on sale and help them make the right choice. You will not fumble when a client asks a technical question.

Your employer can organize product training for the sales team but more often than not, you have to do all the hard work on your own. Take time to research as much information as you can find on the products available. Buying them and using them will also help understand what they offer. Take advantage of employee discounts if there are any offered.


Becoming the best sales associate on your team is not too difficult. You only need to be clear about your intention and work hard towards it. Use the above tips to help you reach your goal. Best wishes!

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