How to Market a Self Help Meditation Service

How to Market a Self Help Meditation Service

As the world continues to find its way through such unprecedented times, a lot of people are learning the power of meditation as a therapeutic and effective tool to get rid of stress. It’s also very helpful for centering the mind, focusing, and more. As the demand for mental health professionals continues to increase, more healing professionals are needed in various forms. 


If you’re the owner of a self-help meditation service, now is the time to showcase your skills and help your community. In order to be of service, people need to know your services exist in the first place. This is where marketing comes into play. Consider some of the most effective tips you can use in order to market a self-help meditation service.

1. Begin Writing as a Guest Blogger

Curate a really long list of popular blogs and websites inside and outside of your niche. Whether it’s a major news conglomerate like CNN or a small indie online magazine, pitch your content. For an individual to experience success within the guest blogging realm, it’s best to pitch articles six times a week. Write six articles, and pitch. You can write anywhere between 500 to 1,000 words. 


It’s a great idea to look at recent headlines in order to inform the direction of your content. As you pitch and get placement, make sure the publication provides a link back to your contact information on your website. This exposure will allow you to get connected to new clients and other opportunities.

2. Do Press Tours as a Podcast Guest

Consider many of the podcasts you already listen to. It’s also good to consider radio channels like NPR as they have a strong podcast arm. As you pitch your content, make sure you have the right information in order to prove your credibility. Many podcast hosts look to see if you have a social media presence, an active website, and a LinkedIn resume that matches your email pitch. 


Keep in mind that the demographic of the podcast following matters. If the podcast is focused on self-help, improvement, or general news, this is going to make a difference in the effectiveness of your appearance. If you try to make an appearance on a podcast that’s predominately about gossip, they might not want to hear from a Vedic meditation teacher. However, a self-help podcast would. Make sure you do your own research before you pitch your prospective hosts about a guest appearance.

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3. Build a Consistent and Strong Social Media Presence

Your social media presence truly matters. You don’t have to maintain thousands of followers either. Start with the community of your family members and friends. Develop a strong content marketing strategy, and consistently execute the strategy in order to experience growth. If you’d like to create informative content as a YouTuber, publish content two to three times a week in order to build momentum. If you’re using a platform like TikTok or Instagram, you’ll want to produce content daily. Look at the methods that work on each platform as you develop your content strategy. Before long, you’ll look up and see thousands of followers. Depending on how intentional you become, many of those followers will quickly become clients.

4. Collaborate with the Right Social Media Influencers

When you’re building with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, good collaborations can provide a boost. Find social media influencers who you can pay in order to get more eyeballs on your content. Just make sure the influencers have a following who’d be interested in the services you provide as a meditation teacher.

5. Invest in Offline Paid Advertising Methods

While the opportunities online are in abundance, don’t forget about the impact of offline advertising methods. Whether you’d like to try direct mail marketing, billboards, or radio ads, always remember that you can choose other lanes in addition to the digital options.


As you find ways to navigate through the world of marketing and advertising, don’t be alarmed if you feel unequipped, fearful, or doubtful. There is a vulnerability involved in promoting your services because it’s such a huge part of who you are. Even though you might feel tempted to hide and protect your ego, always remember the bigger picture. There are so many people who are waiting on the services you have to offer. When you realize that you’ll be able to make a major impact on how a person lives and exists, it’ll be much easier to promote and share your value from the rooftops.

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