Omega Indexer Review, Can Omega Indexer get your links indexed?

Omega Indexer Review

Omega Indexer Review would take an in-depth approach to analyze the Omega Indexer tool. Omega Indexer has been widely marketed and promoted as a tool that can get your links indexed and the company calls it a miracle that the SEO world has been waiting for.

We used Omega Indexer early in 2021 and would like to share our findings with the SEO community.

Omega Indexer Price

The pricing is what really got us here. Omega Indexer has an unusual yet pleasantly surprising way of charging its customers. The minimum deposit is $20.00 that you have to pay to open an account. You also get a 1000 links submission limit with that. After that, it is $0.02 per 1 link. There is no monthly subscription fee and your credits would not expire ever. No strings attached and no hidden costs.

Omega Indexer price

Omega Indexer User Interface

Once you have paid the minimum deposit and your account is active, you get a nice, easy to use dashboard.

Omega Indexer dashboard

We found a striking similarity between the Omega Indexer dashboard and the one we saw with Colinkri. Not sure if this is the convention or they share the same DNA under the skin.

The user dashboard shows all the necessary information at the top. The total indexers live, this is basically the ping bots/servers currently active. You get to see your total links and links that are in queue for processing.

On the left-hand side, you have three options. Dashboard, Campaigns, and Settings.

The dashboard is what we explained above. Campaigns would allow you to create new campaigns and check on existing ones while Settings have only two options: Getting an API key and setting a time zone for reporting within the dashboard.

How to use Omega Indexer?

Simplicity is the key here and I guess something the developers tried to achieve. Here is how you can submit a new campaign:

  1. Go to campaigns and click on “New”
  2. Enter the campaign Name, we would advise you to keep it unique
  3. Specifiy the “Drip Feed” in days. We would advise keeping it at minimum possible.
  4. Next you can either upload a TXT file that has all the links in it or you can manually enter your links, one link per line.
How to use Omega Indexer

Well, that is not similar but exactly the same process and user interface as we saw with Colinkri. Something fishy here!

The Verdict: Does Omega Indexer Actually work? Can it get your links indexed?

As had been the pattern of this Omega Indexer review and of the similarities it had with Colinkri, the verdict is also going to go along the same lines.

The marketing and copywriting guys at Omega Indexer were certainly more open to the claim and we saw less deception at play here. The only problem: Well, it does not get the links indexed.

We gave it a fairly long run, kept using it for over 2 months, and tried with hundreds of links. We were still able to get like 20% of them indexed but that is a percentage we were getting even without using any tools.

If you differ with the opinion here, we do request you to share your feedback in the comments section.

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