On Page Vs Off Page SEO – Understand the Difference


The importance of search engine optimization has been emphasized enough. You must be aware that it helps businesses rank high in search results and boost domain authority. But do you know how it really works? Well, to make things more systematic, SEO has been classified into two categories namely on-page SEO and off page SEO. In this article, we shall help you understand the difference between the two types of SEO and how they work. So, let’s get started!

On Page SEO

It looks at what your website/ blog/ web page has to offer. Some of the popular tactics under this category include writing high quality content with relevant keywords, placing the keywords strategically, creating attractive yet appropriate title, formatting headings and content, including optimized images, posting optimized multimedia elements, creating appropriate meta-description and forming quality title tags. Improving your website’s speed and its accessibility also fall under this search engine optimization technique.

Basically, it involves optimizing all that is under a website owner’s control.

Off Page SEO

It looks at how popular and authoritative your website/ web page/ blog. It mainly involves link building, using SEO guest posting service, influencer marketing, posting content on multiple social media platforms, blog directory submission, inbound links, press releases, webinars and forum submissions to name a few. These techniques help increase a website’s domain authority and of course help generate traffic.

You may be dependent on external factors when it comes to this type of SEO but the good thing is that with little effort you can use its techniques to your advantage. Collaboration is of great significance here.

On Page and Off Page SEO Go Hand in Hand

Both on page and off page SEO play a significant role in driving traffic to the website. Yet most website owners pay more attention to on page SEO and ignore its counterpart. The quality of content on your website, the use of keywords and the multimedia elements (in short everything that on page SEO comprises) is undoubtedly significant. However, off page SEO is equally important and essential. We all know the power of influencer marketing, guest posting and social media. They play a significant role in helping you establish a place in the digital space.

 Let’s say you create an informative website with highly optimized images and video content. It is worthy of ranking high in search results but do you think it would be able to acquire its rightful place in the digital world unless it is promoted the right way? No! Now, imagine if you promote it on social media, collaborate with influencers and write guest posts to share what you are offering with the right audience. Yes, it will increase the visibility manifolds and generate greater traffic.

We hope this gives you a fair idea about the two distinct search engine optimization methods and what all they include. We would say both have their own significance and in order to survive the competition, it is imperative not to neglect either of them.

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