Playtechs IMS Platform Will be Launched in the US Via Parx Casino


For those not in the know, Playtech’s IMS (Information Management Solution) powers the company’s entire portfolio of products. If this leaves you no clearer on the topic, continue reading as this concept is unpacked as it relates to gaming and your online casino experience.

What does Playtech’s IMS do?

When people play slots online for real money, they have several online casinos to choose from as service providers. However, only Parx Casino is currently using Playtech’s IMS to enhance their players’ experience. 

The IMS is a suite of services that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide online casinos in managing their player base. This allows the casino operator to provide you with playing options that suit your tastes and preferences. They will market games to you according to your player history. 

Another critical feature of Playtech’s IMS is its cross-platform capability. Players have a single login that lets them access all games and platforms. This unique feature has many experts in the global esports industry excited as it provides players a chance to transition between games whenever and wherever they prefer.


Playtech’s IMS lets online casinos optimize a player’s gaming experience by personalizing it according to their gaming history. The IMS stores this history indefinitely, including gameplay, financial transactions, and correspondence. 

This data allows an online casino to customize what it offers each user by segmenting players into categories. It keeps the casino operator from offering and marketing games that are unlikely to interest you.

Regulatory compliance

The storage of the data mentioned before might sound somewhat invasive. However, Playtech’s IMS complies with several regulatory frameworks that govern the online casino business. It can be adapted and modified to ensure that no laws are broken in the handling of sensitive information. 

Players can control their gaming experience by understanding which data is used and how. Tools within the IMS enable casino operators to manage and audit their operations in real-time. This enhances their capacity to manage customer relations and avoid complaints.Parx is utilizing Playtech’s IMS in its operations in Pennsylvania together with its partnership with Gun Lake Casino in Michigan, where online gambling launched recently. Its popularity within the first days of its operations allowed experts to agree that online gambling will form part of a booming economy as the recession eases and we move back to pre-pandemic economic circumstances.