10 Instagram Marketing Strategies That You Cannot Ignore

Instagram is the most used social application for social media marketing today. Though the internet is filled with many social applications, Instagram is the commonly preferred social application for social media marketing. Today, Instagram stands tall over all the other social applications in terms of marketing. This is attributed to the ever-increasing user base of this social application. Using Instagram is the ideal measure if you are looking to upscale your business to a vast extent. Brands are giving enormous importance to Instagram due to the various features of this social application. Here, I will let you know some of the efficient marketing strategies that could elevate your social sales to a considerable pace. Today, using social applications like Instagram is necessary to improve your brand reach and earn new customers for your brand. Services like Trollishly will help you to excel on social platforms.

Make Use of Instagram Stories: 

Using Instagram Stories is an excellent move to enhance your brand visibility easily. Doing vigorous promotion through Instagram stories will make your products remain in people’s memory for a lasting period.

Interactive Stickers:

These stickers will amplify the quality of a post. These stickers will make a post much more interesting. Even the leading celebrities are commonly using these stickers in their Instagram stories. Instagram also keeps on adding new stickers to its social application consistently.

Instagram Reels: 

The videos of Instagram Reels are shorter in duration. These videos are mainly consumed. So, posting reels videos consistently can reach many people compared to other Instagram features such as IGTV and standard posts. So, do reels videos actively. You can also make use of the Instagram music library and Instagram effects gallery to create enchanting and engaging reels.

User-generated Content: 

Post the review of your customers on your Instagram handle. This will help you earn credibility for your brand among your page’s followers, who could turn into your potential customers. In such a manner, you can have an upliftment in your business. User-generated Content is a dynamic and possible tactic that will facilitate earning the customer’s trust.


IGTV is regarded as a better substitute for YouTube. If you are looking to give product demonstrations, IGTV is the perfect medium considering its duration. You can also launch talk shows by using this medium. So, considering its longer duration, make use of it accordingly.

Instagram Influencer Dashboard:

Instagram has its influencer dashboard, which helps you to choose the suitable influencer for your brand. The dashboard is a one-stop destination which provides the complete details about the influencers present on Instagram. Since influencer marketing is thriving, Instagram has launched this dashboard that gives in-depth insights into an influencer’s various aspects, such as his followers’ reach, his follower base’s demographics, etc.


The live feature has a reasonable visibility rate in all the social applications. All the major social applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have live features. This feature can be used as a conversational tool. Notably, the live feature has nearly 3x higher engagement rates than the regular posts. So, make use of the live feature frequently which can also drive many people towards you. It can also be used as a channel to develop communication with the target audience.

Be Persistent: 

You should be persistent on Instagram and make posts continuously. This will etch your brand in people’s memory. Even if the posts did not get the expected reach, don’t back down. Because consistency is the key to have sustainable growth on Instagram. So, be active on social platforms. Have a keen notice of the audience’s reaction and bring changes to your social media strategy accordingly.

Focus on Video Content: 

Video consumption has been rising at a massive velocity across all the social applications. People are also interested in watching video content over other forms of Content. So, concentrate on coming up with intriguing videos that will drive people to follow your page and frequently check for new Content. It is anticipated that by 2022 nearly 93% of Content on social platforms will be in video form. So, plan your Instagram strategy accordingly.

Choose Influencers:

Influencer Marketing is also an excellent tactic that will improve your brand reach in manifolds. Choose the influencer whose videos have become a massive hit in the recent trend. Because some of the influencers cannot be consistent.

Bottom Line: 

Instagram is said to sustain itself as the major social application for nearly the next five years. So, choosing this platform for establishing your business is an ideal move.

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