10 Ways Tik-Tok Can Help You In Promoting Your Business

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Using Tik-Tok as a way to promote your business may sound odd at first. It’s probably because of the various prejudices that exist surrounding the demographics of the users of the app and the type of content generated for the platform. However, you don’t need to go further than looking at the list of some of the huge companies and brands that include Tik-Tok in their marketing campaigns. Some of the examples would be a makeup giant Fenty Beauty, NBA and even The Washington Post. Surely, these names can be more than enough proof that not only can Tik-Tok be taken seriously, but it is somewhat of a necessity when it comes to marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Choosing platform correctly: Why Tik-Tok

No motivation speech about the importance and inspiration behind Tik-Tok content to convince you why you should work with the platform. The numbers speak for themselves. According to the latest statistics Tik-Tok has around 800 million active users worldwide. As calculated the users spend 52 minutes at average on the app on a daily basis. And this includes 90% of its users.

Ratings, rankings, downloads and usage are not the only aspects that pull impressive numbers. The amount of new born celebrities and influencers that make a bank thanks to Tik-Tok constantly grows at a rapid speed. Being able to earn millions as well as getting recognition and the benefits that come with it just by posting short videos on an app does not sound that hard. But there are some things you need to take into consideration in order to help your business grow with the help of the app.

  1. Get Familiar

First things first, you need to get familiar with the way Tik-Tok works. If you are one of those people who have lived through the age of Vine and have heard of Musical.Ly it won’t be hard to get adjusted to Tik-Tok. The algorithm is very similar. Aside from being able to set your preferences the app recommends the videos based on the number of factors including things like user interaction, language preferences, country setting, captions, hashtags and so on.

As a business owner who is looking for ways to promote their brand through Tik-Tok you need to get the content you create on the “For You” page. The best place to get noticed, go viral and attract a wider audience. With that in mind, you need to make sure few of your videos end up on the “For You” page so you can guarantee a considerable traffic on your personal page.

It only gets easier from there. Your followers will be able to access your content on their feed every time you post. So the step one is to gain attention and step two is to keep it on your brand.

  1. Give It A Boost

Think twice about it before you jump into putting out a well made, interesting content on your page. Do you have enough audience to appreciate especially crafted content or will it go to waste and get buried without benefiting your business in any way?

If you have a business you probably already know and understand the importance of investment. Investment is something that can result in a dramatic growth or a complete failure depending on where you put it and how you treat whatever you’re investing in.

When it comes to investing in your Tik-Tok page you need to first give the number of followers a little boost. This can be done with the help of websites like tiktokstorm in exchange of a small sum. Followers measure the rate of success of your first few videos which in combination decide how effective your Tik-Tok marketing campaign will be.

  1. Customize Your Page

The second important starting factor to be taken into consideration is the personalization of your space. Create a certain “look” for your business so that it can be distinguished from the similar brands on the platform. Creative and informative bio that can be achieved with the use of different fonts, emojis, the placement of a link to your website and an attractive profile picture are all of the little details you need to take care of. Fortunately it is extremely easy to rebrad on social media platforms and you don’t need to spend thousands on that. With just a few clicks you can establish a completely different vibe. But stick to however you choose to look for a while so people can recognize you.

  1. Follow Trends

Tik-Tok generates trends and operates on trendy content. You need to end up on the “For You” page and what you have to do for that is to look through the hottest current challenges and incorporate the products or services your brand offers into it. Entertainment attracts audiences but it is also a good way to show off the usefulness and versatility of your product.

  1. Create Original Content

Keeping it trendy while being original may sound contradictory but these are two complementary things. Give the content you create your twist to it. Put unique little details. The simplest example would be the addition of a hashtag in the form of your brand name or the usage of emojis in all of your videos. You need to be memorable. Keep the key point in trends, a song if the song is what goes viral, a dance move, a phrase, but change the rest.

  1. Communicate

Respond to your audience. Service workers are taught to be polite, positive and helpful when they go through the training process. The same applies to online presence. If you have a hired social media manager specifically instruct them to engage with the audience. Being responsive to comments is the key here. You will probably get questions about your products and services so the replies should be respectful and fun, but informative. Customers love to give a shoutout and good feedback for good customer service experience.

  1. Collaborate

Using social media in advertising and marketing of businesses has made it easier than ever to reach out for collaborations to other brands or relevant individuals. The greatest advantage of this aspect is that with the correct approach you can end up collaborating with some big and popular names which can be crucial for a well established business, let alone the newly emerged one. On top of it, customers love seeing collaborations.

On Tik-Tok collaborations can go from a simple shoutout to a joined video or even full on series of videos on the respective pages. All you need to do is to decide on who you want to collaborate with and reach out.

  1. Stay Active

If you look at the list of top Tik-Tok personalities or the biggest brands what you will notice is that all of the pages that make it to the list are active. The main point of having social media is to use it. Especially when running a business you need to update your customers and potential customers on new launches, improvements on already existing products and services, new campaigns or policies. And that’s not all there is to it.

Remember the fact that Tik-Tok content revolves around trends. The said trends are changing fast. There is something new every few days and you need to be able to keep up or you may end up missing a great opportunity.

  1. Share

If it was not for sharing the information nobody would know about half the things they do. The main purpose of social media is to communicate and communication is done by sharing. When it comes to running business on social media this may include two different things.

First of all, sharing the information about your brand and everything concerning the products and services with your online audience of customers. This way, getting the feedback you need in order to improve and adjust becomes a direct experience which makes the entire process less time consuming and easier to do. You also show that you care about keeping your customers informed and value their opinions on the direction your business has to take.

Second factor concerns cross-platform sharing. If you have other social media you should link your Tik-Tok page or individual content to it as frequently as possible. Make sure to have link your Tik-Tok page on your website too. Encourage your followers to share videos on their own social media platforms. These things in combinations will help you boost your reach enormously.

Sum Up

Despite being relatively new Tik-Tok has become one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms and has proved that it’s here to stay. The help of a clear guideline of marketing techniques will hopefully enable business owners to start using the platform to their advantage. Tik-Tok can become a key in the development, growth and the overall good experience in the online journey of your business.

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