3 Golden Rules to Keep your Car Running Strong



Buying your first Cadillac is a dream realized for anyone. But to keep the dream living and running, regular maintenance of your car is mandatory. The idea is to keep a constant vigil on how to drive, where you take your car, how well you look after the cooling system, how often you change oil, and so forth; these are baby-steps to preserve your favorite vehicle in a functioning condition.

You have heard about some cars running smoothly till eternity, while others give up barely at 150000 kilometers. The difference between the two types of vehicle is hardly the brand and price-value; it is the poor maintenance of the latter that leads to a premature breakdown of a car. Check out the newest model of 2021 Cadillac Escalade as the brand speaks for itself. That being said, there are few preliminary rules of care that one must undertake to keep the car running in a fantastic condition.

  1. Oil is the blood:Since oil stands foundational in the functioning of any automobile, it has to be changed regularly. Initially, it was advisable to change the oil every 3000 miles. However, with scientific progression in automobile industries, cars such as Cadillacare designed to run on the same oil for another 4000 miles. Availing the car service at regular intervals is a necessity. It is dependent on the mileage cover and the condition in which the car has run.
  • Cars driven in extremes of temperature or for longer runs or with heavy loads need extra care.
  • Check for soot deposition that results from partial combustion.
  • Buy gas from respectable stations to prevent contamination.
  1. Looking after the cooling system:Unlike oil, the cooling system does not need such frequent replacements. A service in cooling mechanisms can make your car run at least 30000 miles. Coolants have two functions of acting as an antifreeze agent during harsh winters and keeping the engine cold during scorching heat. However, engine coolants should be mixed with water. While coolants also act as anti-corrosive chemicals, water keeps the thermodynamic temperature steady. A car that has been driven in hot conditions will require a faster servicing of cooling systems than one driven in cold conditions.
  • Ethylene glycol is the traditional antifreeze agent.
  • The distribution ratio of antifreeze and water must be 50:50.
  • The cooling system prevents unnecessary heating caused by excess combustion.
  1. Clean from both inside and outside:Cleaning the exterior of your car is only a partial solution. One often forgets to wash the insides and the underside. Rough rides through streets often result in dust accumulation at the bottom of the car. Regular cleaning should prevent corrosion. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck away the dirt is always a better option. Mild soap can be used to clean the interior, but using strong detergents can cause discoloration. Use soft cotton cloth to clean the dashboard and prevent it from getting scratched.
  • Never forget to clean the underside.
  • Never use harsh detergent anywhere.
  • Start to clean regularly and routinely because pollutants are abrasive.

These simple and effective steps taken regularly will most definitely help to boost the lifespan of your car.

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