3 Simple Steps To Start Making Money Through Your YouTube Channel

Ever since its establishment as a visual social media platform YouTube has grown to become one of the biggest leading social and internet media. Annual statistics display an enormous number of overall engagements and YouTube Finances. Being flexible in its structuring and having an effective algorithm that guarantees the improvement of your SEO YouTube is the place for many individuals and businesses to promote their brand. Being a YouTube star is a legitimate career and the most successful people in this field make millions of dollars. Aside from earning real money, famous YouTube personalities achieve the status of a celebrity locally as well as on a global scale.

As sweet as all of these may sound, making money from YouTube is not a simple task. There are many videos on the platform itself, made by people with YouTube channels who have been attempting to turn what they started into a full time job, explaining how it works. It’s not all flowers and candy. Despite putting lots of work into developing your content and making it attractive for your audience you may find yourself being disappointed looking at your YouTube analytics. 

You could put out the most meticulously crafted video and the number of subscribers won’t budge; on top of it, that exact video may receive very little attention. This is why everyone with a YouTube channel needs to be aware of a few tips that can help you start earning. Which is directly proportional to growing your channel. Best believe these two things are very much intertwined. 

#1 Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a huge part of how advertising and marketing on YouTube works. Sponsorships and brand endorsements is not something only small channels need. It is something practiced and done by everybody. Mukbangers get sponsored by companies like Colder or get sent a full package of food for a particular video. They get to review it as well as display it for their audience. Visibility is a vital part of getting your brand out there and companies know this well. Instead of paying thousands to advertising agencies they send Youtubers their products and it gets them the desired attention of potential customers. Usually, YouTubers include links to the company’s website whose promotion they are including in the video that day. 

Huge companies have a list of YouTubers, both small and big, who automatically get sent a new launch. Usually those whose channels are relevant and related to whatever the brand produces or stands for. You may have come across beauty vloggers who receive such gifts from makeup brands in exchange for a video where they try out the products and review them. 

This is a very clear move in B2B marketing strategy. Beauty vloggers would be required to do the review anyways. This is what they do and what their audience is expecting from their channel. If they are a part of the PR distribution list they don’t have to spend the money while still getting the products. The company on the other hand gets a promotion which is mostly positive. YouTubers better think before being negative about free stuff they get. No matter how much someone claims they are being completely objective they still need to be careful in their wording or they may get removed from the list.

So what you need to do is to reach out to a bunch of different companies that could be interested in the type of content that you create for your channel and ask them for a promotion video in exchange for getting on their PR list. If you are a complete newbie with virtually no audience use special websites to gain subscribers, likes and comments first so the companies can consider teaming up with you. Do this yourself and you will soon get other brands reaching out to you. There is nothing to lose here really.

#2 Free Shout-Out

This is what most small YouTube channels do before they get in touch with companies or brands whose products they are advertising for free. It may even be accidental. The thing is, YouTubers always get asked about things they are displaying in their videos. These could include simple stuff like where did they get a piece of clothing they are wearing or what are they eating or even what services they use to edit their videos. It could be anything. People always ask questions. 

To respond to their audience and on top of that possibly attract the brand for a future sponsorship YouTubers do a lot of free shout outs. Usually, they are quick to specify the video is not being sponsored. This is an amazing way to commercialize the product as not being sponsored equals relative freedom of speech. Meaning, YouTubers could say whatever they want about the particular product or a service. On the other hand, they would not include the said product into thor video in the first place if it wasn’t of benefit. Say, why would anyone wear a sweater they find ugly or uncomfortable to shoot a video and then criticize the brand if they get asked where they got the sweater from.

Unless you are one of those channels that criticize people, companies, brands and everything else free shoutouts can be useful in getting into companies PR lists. Brands appreciate genuine feedback.

#3 Giveaways

Yes you absolutely need to give something to gain something in return. Do small giveaways on your terms to attract a larger audience. This tip always works. All you need to do is to include being a subscriber in the list of rules. Don’t forget to promise the views to do more giveaways in the future.

If you are collaborating with another YouTube personality or a particular brand you can do a joint giveaway. Brands and companies sponsoring the giveaway will enable you to go bigger and bolder.

And one last thing, you can mix and match these three steps the way you want. YouTube really is a flexible platform in the way it operates and you should be to. Good luck on your YouTube journey!

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