4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Windows


Whenever cold weather creeps up in the fall, everyone heads indoors to keep warm. But sometimes the cold doesn’t stop at the door. It keeps creeping in through the cracks of old door framing and window trim, making your home as cold as it is outside. As tempting as it is to cover any holes with some masking tape, the best solution is to replace your old windows with a reputable and professional company to keep your home more efficient.

1.   Your Windows Are Old

The first reason why you should replace your old windows is because over time, the elements wear down a window’s structure.This is true for older homes, but also homes made in this century!  A weakened structure is then vulnerable to faster deterioration as well as creating a weak spot for security, and the longer you wait to replace them, the more expensive it is to fix or replace your windows.

2.   Your Window Are Letting Cold Air Inside

Drafts are a huge sign that warm air is escaping while cold air comes in. This makes your thermostat work harder and therefore you’ll rack up electricity and heating bills. It affects day to day life activities such as cooking, changing, and just staying still!

To tell if you’re dealing with a drafty window, hold up a match or a candle and see if the flame flickers.

3.   Your Windows Don’t Match Your Aesthetic 

Home is where the heart lives, and if your heart thinks it’s time to switch things up, then start drawing up your renovation plans. Whether it’s a big bay window for the front room or a sliding window in front of the kitchen sink, how you want your house to look can come true with the right windows. If you want to improve your “curb appeal” to increase the value of your home, new windows and doors are one of the best ways to get it done.

4.   Your Windows Are a Long-Term Investment

Everyone wants to do two things: save money monthly and invest in your home’s long-term value. New windows will do both. Improving your look with new windows will also keep your energy use low, keep your house at a comfortable temperature, saving you on your monthly energy bills. So, whether you want to replace your old windows for your own needs or to sell your home, there’s a financial advantage to both.

5.   Do Your Window Research

And because it is an investment, it’s important to remember to be diligent in your research on what kind of windows best suit your needs. To a typical contractor, a window is a window, which is why you should work with a professional window replacement company that manufactures, installs, and guarantees the performance of your replacement windows and doors.

Experienced window designers and installers will know exactly what solutions you need to improve the look and performance of your house.

In the long run, replacing your old windows will benefit you in more ways than one, so make sure you work with the right installation partner.

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