5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms


Are you planning to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies? If so, you should be cautious because there have been many instances of hacking and scams where unsuspecting and naïve investors have been robbed of their hard-earned money. If you can sign up with a reputed crypto trading platform, this is not likely to happen. The biggest concern when you trade or invest in the crypto world is security. So, make sure you find a crypto exchange that prioritizes security measures and ensures a secure and hassle-free investment experience for you.

  1. Coinbase: This is undeniably one of the most easy-to-use and popular exchanges out there that started in 2012. It is a licensed and fully-regulated cryptocurrency trading platform with licenses to run in more than 40 American states. The advantages of joining this exchange are the user-friendly interface, variety of altcoins to choose from, high liquidity, etc. So far, Coinbase has not been embroiled in any major controversy. You can enter it without having to make a substantial investment. It provides custodial wallets for traders and investors for storing their coins. This makes it very gamb convenient for newcomers who are just testing the waters. Coinbase also offers Coinbase Pro with advanced features for those who have gathered the experience to make trades. Bitcoin Trader is also a reliable trading platform that delivers substantial volumes of trade and satisfactory profit.
  2. Binance: This cryptocurrency trading platform is best for altcoins and was started in 2017. You can get nearly 600 trading pairs here for crypto-to-crypto trading while you can also get some fiat/crypto pairings. Fees charged by them are far lower compared to other crypto exchanges and you have access to a wide range of crypto coins. This platform provides advanced charting and benefits advanced users. It appeals to investors keen to trade or invest in less-popular altcoins.
  3. Gemini: This crypto exchange is popular for its increased focus on transparency and security. It was launched by the Winklevoss twins in 2014 in New York and is regulated by the US New York State Department of Financial Services. This platform provides more than 20 crypto coins, including their own GUSD. And conforms to industry-leading security norms. The Samsung Blockchain is powered by Gemini and customers in Canada and the US can connect the Samsung Blockchain Wallet to this app for trading.
  4. BlockFi: When you register at this exchange you can earn almost 8.6% yearly on crypto assets. BlockFi lets you borrow against the coins you have instead of selling these whenever you need money. You get to earn a monthly interest on the crypto coins and you can trade cryptocurrencies like GUSD, Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, and USDC.
  5. Cex.io: This easy-to-use exchange is one of the best crypto trading platforms out there, allowing you to seamlessly buy and sell BTC. You can deposit money using credit cards, PayPal, etc and trade USD for crypto coins like Ethereum, Ripple, besides Bitcoins. You can be sure of protection against DDoS attacks because of complete data encryption. This exchange offers stringent security measures; besides the two-factor authentication you are also notified through emails about every login attempt. This exchange is well-supported on both websites and mobile devices. You can download reports that show transaction history and real-time balance.

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