5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Living Room Furniture


Choosing living room furniture should be fun. After all, this furniture will be a big part of you and your family or flatmates lives. However, it can make you feel anxious if you are worried that you are making a mistake with a purchase that could cost a few hundred pounds. Here are five common pitfalls that if you avoid will help to ensure you won’t regret your furniture purchase.

Choosing Furniture That Is Too Expensive

Look out for a living room furniture sale to bag a good bargain. Many people do not shop around to find affordable furniture and as a result, end up paying more than what the piece may cost elsewhere. Look out for furniture stores offering discounts on certain ranges and models as well as more general sales. Also do not be afraid to haggle. While the salesperson may not have room to manoeuvre on the price tag, they may be able to add in additional items such as cleaning products or aftercare insurance as part of the ticket price. It is always worth asking the question to see if there is any movement.

Always bear in mind that delivery and assembly costs should be included in your budget. Ask for these at the outset of any discussion over a furniture purchase.

Choosing Furniture That Doesn’t Match Your Lifestyle

It can be easy to fall in love with the catalogue images and the perfect lifestyle on offer but that might not be realistic for you. If you have pets and children and your living room is prone to getting stained or marked, then the pristine white leather sofa might not be the best option.

This does not mean that you cannot change your lifestyle. For instance, buying just the right armchair to sit beside a fire may make you read your books at lightning speed, enjoying cosy nights in.

If you are a social person who likes to host parties, then having furniture that can clear space might be useful. Also, multiple seating options are excellent for this too. You want to be able to face your guests, not just sit in one long line looking at a television.

Choosing Furniture That Isn’t Durable

The quality of the furniture should always be considered when making a purchase. You want pieces that are made to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Ask retailers about the manufacturer’s guarantees or insurance policies that will cover accidental damage. Living room furniture by its very nature should be comfortable and strong. If it is flimsy or doesn’t feel plush, then you may grow infuriated and end up replacing the furniture quicker than you would like. Remember paying for quality may be better in the long run than cutting costs and having to shell out more money for a replacement piece of furniture. Look at reviews of the manufacturer and the model online. Also, ensure that you are buying from a reputable and trusted retailer.

Choosing Furniture That Doesn’t Work Together

A living room should have furniture that compliments each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying the complete suite as a package, although this is possible. But you should always consider the other items already in the room and how your furniture will work with them. Clashing styles and colours aren’t a bad thing if this is the look you are going for. Mish-mashed styles can be excellent, but they should be a choice and not a mistake. You need to love the room as a whole, and not just the one piece that stands out like a sore thumb. However, remember redesigns can happen. So if you do fall in love with the signature sofa you always wanted, then purchase it. You can always replace items slowly and remodel your room around the sofa.

Choosing Furniture That Isn’t Right For The Room

Of course, you can always buy new items to match the sofa but buying a new house to match the sofa might be stretching your budget a little. If you have a small living space, then only buy a large sofa if you want it to dominate the room. Corner sofas are fantastic for lounging on but consider where you will put it in the room. Try not to block radiators as this will reduce heat efficiency. Also, if the fabric is likely to fade, then it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Consider your room and also consider how furniture will get into your room. If you live in a top floor flat, then that has to be taken into account. The last thing you want is a sofa wedged in a hallway that needs returned.

Remember, these mistakes can happen, but if you bear them in mind when making your next purchase, there is no reason why you won’t have just purchased an item you will love for years to come.

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