5 Corporate Communications Trends You Should Be Aware of in Order to Build Positive Brand Image

More than 10 years ago, corporate communication was a job that started first thing in the morning and was done by the end of the day. Before, after an interview, PR professionals needed to wait for a day or so for the engagement’s outcome. Additionally, they only dwelt in small circles, which mostly consisted of editors and journalists. They fully knew how to best present their company and were well aware of what the other party required from them. 

Likewise, figuring out the results of corporate communication campaigns were costly and time-consuming, especially without today’s communications and tools. Product launches were also all-inclusive and geared towards journalists and prominent field personas. 

Public relations have gone a long way from way back when, and it’s constantly evolving. With that in mind, here are the top corporate communication trends 2020. 

1- AI disruption 

Corporate communications is rapidly shifting its gaze towards AI with an increasing preference for software solutions. 

Plenty of communication professionals find it challenging to select the appropriate words for their texts along with the perfect time to publish them. Hence, they turn to AI to improve communications and build a more trustworthy reputation both within the enterprise and in the eyes of the public. 

Through AI, messages delivered through marketing or recruitment are supplied with a language level that’s effortless to grasp and digest by the PR professional’s target audience or to an extent, the masses. 

Another example where AI shines would be during a crisis. Through preset criteria, AI can assess the predicament quicker. Devoid of any emotion, bots can aid communication teams by concentrating solely on resolving the issue before them. 

They’re also equipped to provide you with in-depth information on living networks, real-time insights, and trend updates as it appraises your need for such information. 

AI highlights the human aspect in communication, whether it’s within an organization or an audience. It supplies truth and experience and makes communicating with patrons and collaborating with coworkers easier. 

These innovative solutions will be progressively cost-effective and swiftly hand over ROI, which is why we see its deployment as one of the most prominent trends in employee communication. 

2- Precise content placement 

It’s hard to leap off the page in an oversaturated market. Data shows that we encounter roughly 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day. 

Even though there are a plethora of platforms where brands can get to their audience, trends in employee communication will continue to prioritize precision by incorporating technology that eliminates the guesswork behind content marketing, allowing staff to focus on what’s more important: producing high-quality content.

Communication trends in the workplace are geared towards making content production easier. By taking away time and effort spent figuring out where customers hang about, businesses are guaranteed smoother internal operations, better content and increased ROI. 

3- Prepared for any crisis 

Prompted by the spread of COVID-19, corporate communication trends 2020 revolve on being ready for any disaster, crisis or catastrophe that might affect an organization. 

Most businesses are concentrating on educating their employees to adapt to the new normal. Training and virtual modules consist of additional skills and expertise that can enhance staff efficiency and enable team members to execute other company functions when their office is temporarily shut down. 

Remote work has also addressed doubts as to why communications software is essential. In fact, today’s trends in employee communication are focused on strengthening collaboration between staff while maintaining social distancing. 

Equipping staff with sufficient knowledge and tools that empower them to face any adversary also reflects the stability and credibility of your brand, since you’re able to authentically and emphatically address customer concerns at even the most difficult time. This also gives you a gateway to strengthen your relationships with them. 

If you need any more communication trends in the workplace as well as tips on how to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, check out this guide on how your business can deal with the global pandemic

4- Driven by data 

Harnessing the power of big data has equipped organizations with improved insight into digital internal communications with co-workers. With reliable information, it’s easy to pinpoint preferred communication channels, amount of hours spent on a page, click-throughs, and particular visitor behavior. It’s also easy to map out trends in employee communication that are evident within your workforce. 

When put together, this can help construct your internal and external communications strategy and eventually drive engagement forward. Additionally, discovering methods to measure internal communications will boost your productivity rates and give you a good understanding of your team’s interests. 

5- Mobile-first mindset 

One of the most prominent trends in employee communication is mobile-first technology. A true gamechanger, going mobile has revolutionized our digital interactions. 

Driven by the millennial population, this highlight in corporate communication trends 2020 is expected to go beyond this year with multiple sources such as Allianz claiming that this generation will comprise three quarters of the world’s workforce by 2025. 

Operating mobile-first enables you to utilize mobile collaboration to maximize your workforce, particularly those who work in the frontlines. It yields more efficient communications, fosters collaboration, and significantly boosts productivity.

In fact, Tech Jury reports that a worker with their own device contributes an additional two hours to their job. 

Try implementing a BYOD policy in your establishment to get a taste of these trends in employee communication. 

Start incorporating these communication trends in the workplace 

As we’ve mentioned, the world of corporate communications is continuously evolving, and foreseeing the future is an indefinite art. The way we interact with one another has drastically changed over the past 10 years, and communication trends in the workplace are bound to never stop transforming. It’s time to revolutionize your business with the best communication technology, so that you don’t get left behind. 

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