5 Different jewellery where synthetic diamonds can be used


Synthetic diamonds are also called as cultured or engineered diamonds because they are made in a highly controlled laboratory using advanced technologies. These artificial diamonds are made up of the same material as natural diamonds so they feature the same optical and chemical properties of real diamonds. Since there is no difference in appearance, these artificial diamonds can be used in almost any kind of jewellery. Following are the 5 examples in which synthetic diamonds are used –

  1. Earrings – Earrings are one of the most widely used jewellery ornament and it is an important part of the outfit. Some of the most popular options in the lab-made earrings are –
  • Round lab earrings – These earrings have streamlined shape with a classic look. This classic design makes it wearable of men and women both.
  • Star lab earrings – These gorgeous earrings have a contemporary and modern look. The centre stone is balanced by six diamonds perfectly.
  • Two stone drop earrings – Two hanging diamonds surround by a flattering and subtle gold edge.
  • Four points earrings – There earrings feature four symmetrical diamonds which are overlapped by yellow or white gold bars.
  • Milgrain earrings – Stunning yet simple earrings. This design brings trendy visual interests with unique offset edge.
  1. Necklace – Necklaces are also popular jewellery in which Lab grown diamonds UK is used. These are some perfect artificial diamond necklaces –
  • Diamond heart pendant – It is a brilliant heart-shaped display of pave-set and round diamonds. It can be made in yellow or white gold.
  • Diamond heart key pendant – Design of this necklace has a round pave-set diamonds encrusted on a gold key.
  • Diamonds by the yard – This necklace has a bezel set round diamonds placed at a perfect distance around the necklace.
  1. Bracelet – Bracelets can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, cloth, plastic, or leather and are typically embedded with gemstones, crystals, metals, or pearls. These embedded materials can also be replaced by artificial diamonds because diamonds exhibit almost similar properties that of a real gemstone. While choosing a bracelet, you can pick the right option, which goes perfect with your arm and tone of your skin.
  2. Cuff links – Cuff links are used to secure the cuffs of the shirts. Like other jewellery, cuff links can also be made up of glass, stones, leather metal, or a combination of these materials. The front sections of the cuff links are decorated with gemstones. Artificial diamonds can replace these gemstones for a versatile look. You can select the colour and texture of the cuff link that goes good with your outfit.
  3. Rings – All rings feature a centre stone. Some rings even feature a group of small gemstones inside their band. Artificial diamonds can replace these gemstones or centre stone, and they look stunning on any kind of ring, engagement ring, wedding ring or just a promise ring.

Hatton garden jewellery shops make high-quality artificial diamonds in professional labs. These diamonds have a fine texture and utmost clarity. London is not just known as an important travel destination in Europe but also has many businesses connected throughout Europe. Among which Lab grown diamond Jewellery is one of such businesses which is supplied through out Europe.

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