5 Experience the best VPS with HostingRaja

When you ask for the best VPS provider, most of the people in the Indian web development community will say HostingRaja. HostingRaja has been availing of the most affordable VPS plans for the past years. They are known to maintain their quality of service whilst providing them on a budget. Their services impress users so much that anyone who uses HostingRaja once cannot go back to any other service providers. HostingRaja employs advanced technologies to provide you with the best VPS hosting features. Let us look at some of the aspects that make VPS plans for HostingRaja the most reliable.

  1. Greater Uptime

HostingRaja provides you with two times faster loading pages than any other VPS provider. They also make sure to keep your website up and running at all times using their powerful servers. This is very important once your website starts to grow. HostingRaja reduces the downtime that can be faced by your website to very little or zero. All this contributes to giving your website a boost in uptime. This will increase the visibility of your website by keeping it accessible all day long. You can expect an increase in visitors when you opt for higher uptime.

  1. Security

It is very important to make sure your website is protected from all sorts of threats. The number of visitors to a website suspected to contain a malicious threat would be highly reduced. HostingRaja ensures to protect all their VPS servers with firewall protection. The firewall keeps an eye on all the codes entering the server and would reject anything that is suspected to carry a threat. HostingRaja also places protection on their physical server with minimizing access to them. This way it is guaranteed no data can be breached easily from the servers. They are trusted to keep your data safe at all times.

  1. Scalability

People look for a VPS plan that is highly scalable. Scalability is very important when it comes to VPS plans. When a website is growing it may experience fluctuations in web traffic levels. For such scenarios, you must be able to upscale. HostingRaja provides easy upscaling and downscaling options whenever you may need them. This also ensures that you only have to pay for extra resources when you need them. The scalability HostingRaja offers on their VPS plans is to a much greater extent than the others.

  1. Affordability

As mentioned previously, HostingRaja offers the most affordable web hosting plans. Their VPS plans are especially known to be the most affordable that you will come across. On top of availing of super cheap VPS plans, they also avail up to 55% discount on all their VPS plans. On festive occasions, they also present huge sales that give out additional benefits on server plans. HostingRaja aims to make web hosting affordable to even the smallest business owner in India. This is why HostingRaja will have a VPS plan for everyone, no matter their budget.

  1. Support

After affordable plans, the one aspect that HostingRaja is most popular for is their support team. They have the most professional support team you will ever come across. They are courteous and will listen to all your queries patiently. Their customer support is available in all Indian regional languages. This means that you can reach out to them without worrying if your message will be conveyed effectively. You can have more comfortable conversations in your regional language with the staff. Their technical team is very knowledgeable and capable of fixing all your issues. They are available 24*7 so that you can reach out at any time. You can use different modes like calls, mail, live chats, etc to reach them.

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