5 Major Reasons People are Reluctant to Invest in Mining Industry


The intricate model of our universe is based on that very statement system linked with energy conservation. The sun provides us with light energy which is consumed by flora and fauna to nourish themselves, either directly or indirectly. The energy from the sun is converted to chemical energy which is further embodied in the organic structure of these living beings. As is the cycle of life, plants and animals perish to be eventually buried deep within the sediments of Earth. The magnanimous pressure and temperature of Earth then render these organic structures into utilizable energy resources – fossil fuels.

This is one of the many examples of how the Earth provides for us and this very realization which led to the development of one of humanity’s biggest and oldest industries – mining. The mining industry has not only been a gateway to rich resources but it has also been an industry of great profits with many competing to usurp as much as they can. However, there are reasonable concerns which cause the common man to sway from investing in mining.

Lack of knowledge

The mining industry requires a sound knowledge of geology, corporate law, infrastructure and supply chain management to thrive. Furthermore, adequate knowledge of the international and national markets is also required to meet with global demands. With so many things to take into consideration, people often can’t find the right direction to begin.

Life-threatening endeavors

To plunge within the depths of Earth’s surface brings with it very harsh conditions for miners to work in. Wells of resources could be within mountains, tapped within canyons or beneath the ocean floor. Once within a mine, a miner only has limited time and resources to extract ores. Since these are human lives, the gravity of ensuring their safety is heavy on realization.

Ecological Impact

Mining requires a huge degree of terraforming. Pollution and deforestation are inevitable consequences in this industry. Today, there are many movements actively working on sustainable alternatives. The man of today is more than aware of how mining impacts the global ecosystem and this very knowledge is enough to deter many from investing in this industry.

Long-term investment

Mining is a large-scale industry which requires hefty amounts of capital and land to work upon. This monetary scale can be intimidating to many who then consider other investment alternatives.


For running a successful mining industry, you require a large workforce from multiple expertise. You require miners, technicians, accountants, engineers to help you operate in this industry and it may seem very unmanageable for someone who is starting out in this industry, to deal with this many people.

As you have been through our list of 5 major reasons why people are reluctant to invest in the mining industry, it is legitimate to ponder on these points, because a clear mind and vision is the only key to success. Interested investors can take a quote from Dan Gertler’s efforts to bring mining into reality and convince your ordinates at the same time. As it is said by Dan Gertler’s that it is your discovery by your very own treasures.

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