5 Mind Blowing Options To Gift To Wife On Valentines Day

Forgetting your own birthday is easier than forgetting your anniversary or valentines day. Both days of love turn into days of terror sooner than realisation. Not wanting to have this daunting cloud over your head but rather see wings of angels on Valentine day we have for you a list of gifts for wife on valentine day that she will love. Before you begin the scavenger hunt for these precious gift items, there are a few things you have to have in mind before you start finalising. These lists of characteristics include your wife’s liking in a range of dresses and accessories. Then her bend towards materialistic or handmade presents. Next is her tilt for more lavish things or more personalised or customised presents. These are all things you have to keep in mind when we suggest to you the following list of gift items.

  • Cakes and flowers

A little cliche but a bunch of flowers and a scrumptious cake is a must for any special day and of course for valentines day. Pick the favourite flavour you have in your mind that you and your wife both love. More than this make sure to have a midnight cake delivery sent to you from a renowned online cake shop to astonish your wife the most.

  • Handbags and shoes

Getting on with a list of materialistic gifts first, next is handbags and shoes because women love their share of such accessories to rock their everyday look. Not all but most women are into fashionable looks and like to style their appearance. For Valentine’s Day, she deserves beautiful items irrespective of her preferences on a daily basis.

  • A long drive

Take your wife out for a long drive on the occasion of Valentine day to change the air between you too. Stepping out of the house, you too will get fresh air and space to spend some time together. Wind through your air, speed in your life and yet such calm can only be experienced on a long drive on a loveable day. A long road and less traffic is the one you want to choose.

  • Surprise with blindfold

Those Bollywood surprises with blindfolds on are the perfect ones, and you have always dreamt of planning one. Tie a blindfold on your wife’s eyes and astonish her with your surprise. It can be a candlelight dinner, a spree of presents, her family, a makeup kit, a new pet, and so much more. It’s important to keep the blindfold tight, so you don’t jinx your beautiful moment of Bollywood surprise turning it into a humorous one.

  • A romantic weekend

If valentine’s day is not a very feasible one to celebrate with ease for you, you can pick a weekend before or after that. This way you don’t have a day but complete 2 or 3 days to yourself without workload and any phone calls. Plan this trip to a romantic location to the mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, or deserts. Keep it subtle, heartwarming and budget-friendly. Do something personalised.

Valentine’s day is not very far on our calendar, and so it’s time we start preparing for the presents. When it comes to women’s gifts, they have to be utmost surprising. We have helped you find the nicest ones the choice is now yours. Remember to keep your wife’s preference still at the top as she is the one who has to like the gift.

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