5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Artist on Streaming Platforms

It is a stated fact that due to the global pandemic, streaming has become an ultimate way of consuming music. By 2020, the total revenue of the music streaming industry was estimated as $19.747m, expecting to show an annual growth rate of 9.7%. Therefore, if you identify yourself as an aspiring musician, you better start building your name on streaming platforms right now. On the other hand, if the endless possibilities of the digital world make you feel dizzy and confused, keep on reading and let’s discuss five simple steps on how to attract thousands of listeners and turn your name into a success story.

Step 1: Get your artist profile verified

First things first, before starting your career journey, you need to decide which streaming platforms you are going to use. Will it be Apple Music? Tidal? Spotify?  Apple Music and Spotify are two giants of the music streaming industry. Tidal is more popular among lossless music lovers, while SoundCloud is more of a nicher company. After selecting the right platforms, make sure to get your artist profile verified. Be sure that a tiny blue tick at the end of your name will establish your legitimacy and add credibility to your artwork. On the other hand, in order to get verification, you need to have a considerable number of following. Be smart enough to solve this problem by the help of Jaynike or any other similar platform. Just bear in mind that the sooner you have your account verified, the faster you can reach your career goals.

Step 2: Consistency and collaboration are the keys

The simple truth about building a career on streaming platforms is that as far as you fail to keep up with a releasing schedule, your music might be forgotten in no time. Therefore, in order to maintain a high number of following, music plays and engagement, make sure to consistently upload new music. On the other hand, if you feel like you lack inspiration to create something amazing on your own, consider a collaboration with other musicians of your caliber. It can certainly be a win-win deal!

Step 3: Pitch a song to the playlist editors

Playlists are powerful. If you manage your track to be included in the most popular playlists, consider your mission half-way accomplished.  First of all, define the targeted playlist curators, analyze what they like in musicians and why they are giving chances to emerging artists like yourself. Afterwards, select a track you think will be the best fit for that curator. And bear in mind, that songs can be pitched only once from an artist, record label, artist manager or a distributor.

Step 4: Share your music on social media

One of the easiest and affordable ways to promote your music is to directly tell your fans about it on social media. However, make sure to polish your social media accounts first. Starting from your profile picture to your bio and feed aesthetics – everything matters equally. After you build a solid and loyal following on popular social media networks, chances that your music will go viral are tremendously increasing.

Step 5: Reach out to your fans

Regardless of the industry, being engaged with your fans is a must for every artist. If you intend to achieve long-term career success and make your name famous on a global scale, people need to see you and love you as a human long before they love your music.  Try your best to connect with your fans online, as well as offline. Make Q&A live videos, repost from fans, show them behind-the-scenes pictures, play for charity events, motivate and inspire your followers etc.

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