5 trustworthy banks to purchase jewellery through EMI in London


Buying jewellery is a good investment you can have because not only it is an asset but you can also wear it in your daily use. Buying jewellery has actually become easier because of the EMI facilities provided by the banks. It is no longer the case that only people with loads of money can buy jewellery. Now middle-class people can also buy jewellery with the help of a loan and dividing their bill into months. Paying a big amount into milestones is indeed easier and convenient, plus, you get the jewellery to use. While selecting the EMI option you must be careful with the bank through which you are getting the facility. The bank should be a trusted one and should have good records in the past. Here are 5 most trustworthy banks that provide EMI on jewellery London. Almost all jewellers offer their customers to use EMI facilities of these banks only.

If you are planning to buy a wedding ring or an engagement ring London, you must check out the EMI facilities of these top 5 banks

  1. HSBC Holdings – The headquarters of the HSBC Holdings is in London itself. The bank was founded back then in 1880 and was the 6th largest bank in the world by 2020. The bank manages 964 branches in the UK itself and also has several branches distributed in other countries.
  2. Barclays plc – Barclays also have their headquarters in London and was founded in 1690. Barclays has a primary listing on the London stock exchange and is also a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.
  3. Royal Bank of Scotland – This bank was founded in 1880 and has its headquarters in Edinburgh. The bank employs 77,000 employers under them.
  4. Lloyds banking group – The bank was founded in 1695 and has its headquarters in London. It is one of the oldest operating banks in the UK.
  5. Standard chartered plc – This bank also has its headquarters in London and was founded in 1969. The bank employs more than 86,000 individuals. It has 964 branches in UK and more outside.

Whenever you take EMI as a payment option, make sure to read all the terms and conditions written in the agreement. There are several minor details that you may miss out and can cause you any unnecessary penalties. The time limit that you get for completing the payment in milestones is not for free, in exchange for that time, the bank charges interest on the principal amount. You can decrease that rate of interest if you lessen the time limit in which you are going to pay the bill. The more time you take, the higher the rate of interest you would be charged. Different banks have a different rate of interest on jewellery. As an informed customer you must look for a trustworthy bank which provides decent services and offers a reasonable rate of interest. London being one of the core economies of United Kingdom and among the popular travel places in Europe also has the richest banks to provide loans for big purchases. Hatton garden jewellers London gives you all buying options including credit cards, debit cards and EMI.

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