6 Best High Speed Ceiling Fans in India


We live in a tropical country where the mercury levels keep rising. With the temperature flaring up outside, a high speed ceiling fan comes to our rescue. A high-speed ceiling fan delivers excellent air-circulation throughout the room, owing to its high-performance motor. As these fans are capable of circulating the air faster and at high speed, they are quite popular.

A high speed ceiling fan consumes less power, and is easy to maintain. Considering the need for a high speed ceiling fan, Luminous – the most popular brand for electrical products in India has formulated high speed ceiling fans, which are crafted with advanced technology. They serve the dual purpose of performance and decoration.

By investing in a high speed ceiling fan, your summer days will be comfortable. To help you make a wise choice, we have listed here some of the best high speed ceiling fans available in India:

  1. Hi Air Classic Cedar Brown

Classic Cedar Brown is a high-speed ceiling fan that steals the attention with its sleek design and excellent performance. The 3 blade fan consumes 72 watts of power and delivers air at 235 CMM. It is designed with a big motor, which ensures better air delivery.

The high speed performance fan has a sweep size of 1200mm, which is just perfect for an average sized room. The cedar brown color adds a touch of sophistication to your ceiling.

  1. Audie Mirage White 1.2M (1200MM)

If you plan on decorating your boring and plain ceiling, this Audie Mirage White 1.2M (1200MM) will be an excellent addition. This high speed ceiling fan is made with an all-aluminium body and blades, thus ensuring no corrosion. It consumes 78 watts of power and delivers air at a speed of 230 CMM – an energy-efficient fan that helps in saving power bills without compromising on the air-delivery quality. This ceiling fan will surely enhance the beauty of your home.

  1. Rapid Prime Crimson Cream 1.2M (1200MM)

Not getting sufficient air in every corner? With Rapid Prime Crimson Cream high speed ceiling fan, you can experience excellent air-flow delivery in every corner of the room. With a sweep size of 1200mm, the fan delivers air at an impressive speed of 215 CMM. The fan functions at a massive speed of 330 RPM. Apart from circulating the air, its elegant design can uplift your room decor.

  1. Josh Brown 1.2M (1200MM)

Josh Brown will not only amp up your room, but its large body and powerful motor also ensure excellent air distribution throughout the room at a speed of 380 RPM. The fan is electroplated on aluminium covers to avoid corrosion. It’s a fully electroplated fan that delivers air at a speed of 215 CMM. Bring a refreshing change to your house with the simple Luminoua Josh Brown ceiling fan.

  1. Copter Caramel Khaki

The fan is constructed with state-of-the-art engineering, which provides high air delivery and air thrust. The elegant design of the fan gives a premium modern look to your house. The copter model has some amazing design features and promises astonishing performance.

Copter Caramel Khaki comes with a powerful motor that operates at a speed of 380 RPM. The copter model fan comes with unique and striking features like a wine glass style sleeve and canopy to cover the downrod. It consumes 75 watts of power.

With so many different variations of high speed ceiling fans, Luminous provides the best in class fans with excellent efficiency and a high-performance ratio. Explore their website today, and get the high ceiling fan according to your interiors.

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