6 Designs To Style Valentine’s Day Cake For Your Partner


Valentine’s day is not far, and yet if you lack ideas and gifts to surprise your partner, you are way past the line. To get back on track you better buckle up your seat and get ready for the superhero-like ride we are about to embark on. Be our companion in this journey to the best valentine’s day ever with creative ideas for valentines day cake the essential thing to have when it comes to love and valentines day. There are things you should be more careful about when selecting your cakes. However tasty a plain vanilla cake maybe you can’t always rock your celebrations with it. So that subtle twist that is enough to make your valentine’s day worth living and remembering, here are a few tips.

  • Heart-shaped

When we imagine a cake, a picture of around one comes to our mind. It’s how we have seen cakes everywhere since our childhood. Although cakes now come in even lopsided shapes, and a heart-shaped one is a child’s play. Get a heart-shaped cake in any flavour you like with red velvet crumbs that make a heart on the top.

  • Red Velvet

Red velvet cake is a popular choice in recent times, and there are two strong reasons behind it. Number one, red velvet cakes have outshined all flavours of cakes and are truly scrumptious and lip-smacking. Secondly, they are red in appearance and chance without any extra efforts you can get a red valentines cake for your partner.

  • Hearts in the centre

Valentine’s day is all about love and hearts, and now you can have both through your cake. This is also beneficial if you don’t want to want something over flavoury. Get a plain vanilla or chocolate cake and get a heart in the centre. You can have them one inside the other also to make it more beautiful.

  • A filling in heart shape

Like a love-filled surprise cake, this one is your choice if you want to make your present the nicest and grandest. Get a rainbow cake or a big vanilla cake and have a heart-shaped well of strawberry filled cream inside. As you and your partner will cut the cake, the flood of heart-shaped cream will slip right out and pour endlessly like your love.

  • A brooch of heart

If you are a definite fan of vanilla or chocolate and nothing apart from these plain flavours suits your taste buds we have a way to make it ‘valentine’ for you. Get a heart-shaped brooch on the left top of the cake. It can either be made with fondant icing or with a big ball of cream. Cherries may also be used to shape this heart. And that’s how you will get a heart cake and your plain flavour too.

  • A photo cake

A photo cake is the best choice to go for on valentines, and you have to make it righteous if it is your first valentine’s day. You have decided to order your cake from the bakery, pick your cake, and give them the picture you want on the cake. It can be you and your partner together, or just him or her if you’re going to dedicate the golden day in their name.

Valentine’s day comes once a year; it’s what you do on that day that decides how the rest of the year will be. Make it memorable, make it extra sweet and loved beginning the day, or celebrate with a flavoursome and meaningful cake.

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