6 Steps Toward Better Writing


Writing is arguably the most important skill as a student. Yet, so many students underestimate the value of improving their writing skills. At least not until they get a bad grade in a paper.


In this post, you will see some of the tips on how to improve your writing skills. As I need help writing my college essay I decided to use this list of ways in writing a paper.

1.   Understand the instructions

Read and reread the prompt to understand what is required of you. If something is not clear, ask.

If you do not follow the instructions, you will fail, regardless of how good your paper is.

2.   Start your writing assignment early

Most students start working on assignments with only a few days to the deadline. They deceive themselves that the constraint of the deadline helps them write better.

However, there is an excellent reason why teachers and lecturers give assignments at the begging of the semester. They want you to have enough time to plan, research, write, and proofread.

When you start early, you improve your chances of writing an excellent paper, and you do so without stress and losing sleep the night before the deadline.

You should dedicate at least two weeks for research, another two weeks for writing the first draft. Let the draft rest for at least two weeks, before dedicating a few days for proofreading and revising.

During the writing phase, dedicate at least an hour each day, and always end at a place where you can easily start the next day without having a hard time figuring out what you were supposed to write next.

3.   Create an outline

Even creative writers plan their work. An outline is a roadmap to your paper. It is a rough image of your finished paper. Not only does it help you organize your ideas but also keeps you from losing track or going off-topic once you start writing. Once you get lost or stuck when writing, you can refer to the outline, and you will be back on track.

4.   Start with the body

You have always been told that the introduction should be perfect. That is the main reason why most students procrastinate writing assignments. They just can’t figure out how to start the paper.

Instead of postponing or staring at a blank screen for hours, skip the introduction and start in the middle. You can always write the introduction later.

Accept the fact that the first draft will be bad

You will not get it quite right on the first go. Continue writing, knowing that you can fix the errors later. If you aim for perfection on the first draft, you might never finish your paper on time.

5.   Avoid plagiarism

A poorly written paper is better than a plagiarized paper. If you use someone else’s work, use proper citation.

In any case, a paper full of quotes and data from other sources will not be a good paper. The professor wants your own interpretation of the topic using your own words.

6.   Revise your paper with a focus on communicating your main argument

While revising your paper, focus on ensuring each sentence or paragraph directs the reader towards your main argument or thesis. Make sure each sentence contributes to the topic sentence. In simpler terms, each sentence should add meaning to your paper, not merely add to the word count.

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