6 Things You Need to Stream TV on a Budget


Saving money is on every person’s mind. When it comes to utility and entertainment bills, we all look for ways to save money by any means. For instance, if you want to reduce your electricity bills, you might go for smart devices such as the smart thermostat and smart lighting. Similarly, when we talk about cable TV, the possibilities are endless.

You can find several cable providers in your area offering cable TV along with internet and telephone helping you save money. For instance, Optimum TV and Spectrum packages have proved to be money saver deals for cable and internet users. But everyone can’t have a cable TV at their home.

The reason is that most people don’t have time and there is no use in paying hefty bills without availing the service. This is when streaming service comes to the rescue. Access anywhere at any time without worrying about bills and hidden charges.

The war between cable and streaming services has been around for a while and it is not going to end soon. It is because people are looking forward to loads of entertainment at a cheap price, which is to some extent fulfilled by streaming TV providers. However, despite being affordable and low cost as compared to cable TV, you can still save plenty of money. Here’s how you can do it.

Cancel Unnecessary Services

If you want to save money on streaming services, make sure to check out your requirements. For instance, you can drop some of your streaming services when the programs and movies are not updated for long. For instance, if you are using Netflix and have watched all the series and movies, and left with nothing else to watch, simply cancel the service. It may help you save as much as $15 per month.

The benefit of a streaming service is that you don’t have to sign a contract and nor do you need to pay any cancellation charges. Subscribe anytime and cancel it whenever you feel the service isn’t giving good content. Subscribe again whenever a new season is released or a much-awaited blockbuster movie has been added to the list.

Subscribe when Needed

As we have discussed previously, the benefit of subscribing to a streaming service is that you don’t have to pay any cancellation charges. You can subscribe again whenever you want and cancel it without any extra charges. In most cases, the seasons released and added to the streaming services are available for a limited time.

Just keep an eye on all of the streaming services offering you your favorite TV-series. As long as they are available, just hook to it and whenever they are removed, cancel your subscription. It will help you save hundreds of dollars every month.

Cut off Live TV Services

Several live TV services are offering a great channel lineup and premium features that could attract anyone. For instance, Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV offers you free DVR, plenty of live channels, and a lot of premium features that you could expect from any cable provider.

However, when it comes to cost, it is approximately or greater than any cable service. YouTube TV cost around $65 per month while Hulu + Live TV is offered for $55. If you are paying for any of the live streaming services, make sure to reconsider it. Find out how many times do you ever watch sports or hook to news updates. If the frequency is not more than a couple of hours, you seriously need to unsubscribe it. If you feel doubtful whether to unsubscribe or not, we would recommend you to look at free live TV services including Pluto, Philo, and fuboTV.

The least expensive of all is to consider installing an antenna to get local channels to your television. The starting price of an antenna is only $10, which is not even close to any cable or streaming service.

Look for Trials

Having a free trial before subscribing and paying for the service is better than wasting money on the first instance. Almost every streaming service allow you to try and test the service before subscribing completely. If you adopt a wise approach, you will be able to binge-watch your favorite TV series without paying a dime. Note down when the trial is going to end, set a reminder on your phone, and watch as much as you could in that period. Otherwise, you will end up paying after the trial ends.

Free Streaming Services with Ads

Streaming services with ads can be a huge turn off for many. But in some cases, it could be a blessing as well. For instance, CBS All Access can cost you $6 for showing you an ad while $10 for giving ad-free service. Saving $4 every month would result in $48 saving each year. A good amount to fill your kitchen with groceries and other necessary items. Consider the ads as a break for you to turn away from the screen, prepare an instant microwave snack, or changing your child’s diaper.

Divide the Subscription Price

With the influx of streaming services, most of them allow you to share your password with friends or family. Make sure to read the policies of sharing your password with someone else before getting in some sort of trouble. For instance, the Netflix premium plan allows you to stream on four devices with five user profiles. If you can ask your neighbor to share the subscription on Netflix and another streaming service.

Summing Up

Whether you are subscribing to a streaming service, or already paying for cable TV, you can find plenty of ways to save money. Simply follow the aforementioned tips to save money on streaming services. Before ditching your cable TV, make sure that your household needs are fulfilled by streaming services. Especially, check out what’s being offered by streaming services so that everyone in the home gets a full dose of entertainment.

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