6 Tips to apply when writing an Engaging Essay for the entrance exam


If you are preparing for the SSC CHSL exam, you should be aware that in the Tie 2 exam, you would need to write an essay. It is the most critical part of the syllabus including checking if candidates are good enough in implementing their ideas and creativity. You must have written essays during your school academic years, and it is the exam; you need to repeat the same. You will be given a topic on which you will have to write an essay. The topic could be anything, and you need to prepare yourself to write on the topic.

Whether you are applying for the SBI PO or any other posts, in CHSL, essay writing is a part of the exam. If you have not tried writing an essay before or have forgotten entirely how to write one, then this article presents you with the six top tips on writing an engaging essay.

1. Select an engaging title for the given topic

The first thing you need to do is read the topic well to make an engaging title. The title or the headline is the main area, which can catch the reader’s attention or examiner. This step is vital because it will help you to create the essay content. If your headline lacks depth, then the examiner will not be reading the content. Pick an engaging heading conveying your ideas by using a verb on your title that will make it look stronger. You can check out some of the ideas online on writing essay titles.

2. Organize your Ideas

The main idea of writing the essay to see how well you can organize your thought. This approach can help in bringing out your creativity and assist you in writing down the essay.

3. Add Examples to strengthen your essay

Adding up some applicable examples in the middle of the essay will strengthen your points in the essay. It gives your examiner the signal that you are well aware of the topic, current happening, and did your homework well. Moreover, adding statistics and figure can further make your essay stronger. In other words, it will add life to your content.

4. Applying Rhetorical Question

Rhetorical questions are one of the ways of speaking in the questioning style to make the point clear. Rather than writing in a provoking method, it is best to include rhetoric questions that will impact the essay and make you stand out. Moreover, it also helps in keeping readers hooked with your essay. While practicing on your essay writing practice, practice on this point, and read essays written by some top authors giving you a flair idea.

You can place these questions in the first paragraph, the middle of the sentence, or the conclusion.

5. Use of simple words

You do not have to present your high-end English vocabulary skills. You need to concentrate on your flow, sentence formation, and engaging idea. In other words, you do not have to write long and flowery sentences, but short ones, which are easy to read. Writing in short, sentence format will help in strengthening your essay and makes it interesting to read. Examiners will find it engaging to read and give good marks for the same. While writing the essay do not include words which do not contribute to the essay.

6. Using Bullet Points

One of the best way to make your essay readable is adding bullet points. Bullet points are an engaging method to put pressure on an important part of the essay. In addition, bullet points are best to break up blocks of text into small-sized chunks helping your audience to understand your thoughts and convey your points. Moreover, bullet points are also best to grab the attention of readers towards the main information.

Following these tips will certainly help you to write an engaging essay for the topic given and add up to your total marks.

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