A new age AI which can find you email of your favorite entrepreneur


Intelligence! Whether it is a natural or an artificial one, we always admire and expect it. We humans have our natural pattern to react to situations in surroundings. The artificial ones mimic our natural intelligence quality to make decisions by adaptive learning. This helps us to focus on the heart of our applications and leave else to an artificial mimic of intelligence. The new age has induced a branch of computer science to program machines to take decisions themselves. Why? Because we don’t want to rather need to spare precious time to perform monotonous work.

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence is a creature of almost all the playgrounds. Everything is getting design to be automatic. Starting from our homes to our offices, there will be so many tools which are meeting our purpose by their human made intelligence. We always had a tendency to leave our redundant work on our sub ordinates, who keeps this chain to theirs. But one day a smart one tried to take us all out of it with a design of a program which learns itself. Now, we gradually are getting out of it. Not just a new approach but also an efficient one.

As you know we also have a watchman of the web a human made intelligence popularly known as artificial intelligence. It does the data analysis of your search history and stores data with your permission. This can be an added advantage too. Want to know how?

Who is your favorite entrepreneur? Do you want to talk with him/her? Do you want to send your great idea pitch to him/her? Or do you just want to send a mail for guidance? I know that your answer is yes…

The email outreach is the most underrated mode of communication. A person will never encourage a direct call or a show up but he will definitely accept emails. Also, hitting on call directly is the most unprofessional way to reach out to a big shot. You know that you are never going to have him/her on call… But your perfectly crafted email can connect you with him in a most efficient and professional way.  Yes, that’s practical that all of them are never going to reply but chances are there…

If we look at the numbers then there are 3.9 billion active email users. Everyday around 128.8 Billion emails are sent or received. This speaks about the potential in of the email outreach.

Presenting Robin, a guy who want to reach out to a star entrepreneur for a masterpiece code developed by him. He tries LinkedIn to send him connection request. But it requires email address. What will robin do?

A traditional method is to try finding email in web and spend hours to get that authentic email. This takes a lot of time and effort which can be strategically invested in his product. But since he has to find emails of potential investors or entrepreneurs, his time will be wasted on google search!

That’s where AI comes into the picture. We need a tool which can find us authentic emails on a single click.

There are many email search platforms in market. They just find you emails by writing a name and organization. But you need to choose your tool wisely.

After some reviews and experiments we came across a tool named GetEmail.io. It is an artificial intelligence and big data based email search platform with incredible speed and accuracy. It can find you an email in seconds.

We tried searching different people on GetEmail.io and whoa…. It works marvelously!

The USP of this product is that its quality. It is the most accurate email search platform in market. You also have a chrome extension to find emails in sites like LinkedIn. We tried connecting with founder of GetEmail.io Mr. Gabriel Cian. Here is what he told us…

“We are more focused on quality of service, you may find tons of tools having beautiful user interface which catches your eyes. You will also find cheapest tools. But we are most focus on providing our users the most accurate and authentic email search platform! We work for quality.”

After using the GetEmail.io we can agree on that. You can also try other email searches like hunter.io and rocketreach.io. They are in a good competition with GetEmail.io

But when it comes to the powerful AI algorithms, GetEmail.io definitely wins the game.

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