Advanced Instagram Tactics To Get More Followers


Instagram is a photo-generic social media channel with over one billion users across the globe. Instagram has become a keystone for many brands’ online presence, driving website traffic, increasing conversion rate, and upgrading engaged audiences. According to a study, the Instagram platform provides 25% more engagement for brands than other social media channels.

Many brands are leveraging the Instagram platform to grow their visibility and uplifting their reach. Some brands do not gain the engagement that they expect. If you are trying to upgrade your reach, you will have to sharpen your tactics to boost organic followers on Instagram. As your audience grows, you will have more opportunities to engage with your target market and enhance your business ROI. Some brands make use of social media services to increase engagement. Famouspanel is one of the best service providers that offer genuine services to upgrade your followers on Instagram.

Instagram is an engaging social media network that can be beneficial for your brand if used in the right way. Here, in this article, we have highlighted a few tactics that can help you build your social presence and boost your Instagram followers.

Come, let’s figure out the ways to increase organic Instagram followers.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

An important way that you will need to take into account for improving your Instagram followers is to optimize your profile. It is vital to make your Instagram profile attractive to captivate your audience. To make your profile attractive, you will need to have a compelling bio, image, and a proper username. Your Instagram bio acts as a homepage to your account. So, you will need to ensure that your bio is highly appealing and engaging to the audience. You can add your website link in your bio to increase your site traffic. You can add a logo or image that represents your brand as a profile picture. Thus, optimizing your Instagram profile will help you capture the target market’s attention and increase your followers’ count.

  1. Leverage Video Content

Though Instagram is a photo-generic platform, it rolled out features that help you to create videos. By leveraging the features such as live videos and Instagram stories, brands can create different content types to increase their engagement and grow their followers. According to a study, the average engagement for videos is rising when compared to images. By leveraging Instagram Live, you can enhance your visibility by appearing on the Stories feed. Based on another study, 57% of brands say that Instagram Stories are compelling for increasing engagement and growing followers. Hence, you can try our new features on Instagram to create engaging content and grab your target audience’s attention.

  1. Employ Hashtags

Hashtags are the best element that helps you to enhance your visibility and stay ahead among the competitors. By using the right and relevant hashtags, you can expose your profile to a large target audience. On Instagram, people may follow popular hashtags also. If your Instagram posts have hashtags and location tags, you can increase your engagement rate with ease. Hashtags play a vital role in expanding your reach and growing your followers on the Instagram platform. According to Instagram’s algorithm, you can make use of a maximum of 30 hashtags. But, many studies show that nine is the optimal number of hashtags to boost your engagement rate. Thus, hashtags play an essential role in building your followers on Instagram.

  1. Host Contests

By hosting contests on the Instagram platform, you can amplify your engagement and reach. By leveraging contests, you can attract the attention of the audience and increase your followers with ease. Contests are the best way to improve your engagement as it adds value to the target market. By running contests, you can boost your reach and make your brand visible across new audiences. For instance, if you try out the same content strategy as others, people will not get attracted to your content. But, when you host contests, you can connect with the target audience and make them follow you. Hence, leverage contests to increase your followers on the Instagram platform and enhance your engagement rate.

  1. Collaborate With Influencers

One of the best ways to improve your engagement rate on Instagram is to collaborate with relevant influencers. Influencers are highly engaging to the audience. Nowadays, people are more likely to connect with influencer’s recommendations rather than brand posts. Influencers are the most engaging personalities who will help your brand reach the right audience. By collaborating with the right influencers, you can enhance your visibility across the platform. It may result in increasing your followers’ rate and uplifting your popularity across the platform.

Final Thoughts

Instagram continues to grow its immense popularity across audiences. It is a highly engaging social media channel that can be beneficial for brands and businesses. We hope you got to know some of the tactics to increase your followers on Instagram. Leverage the essential strategies to grow your followers and enhance your reach on the competitive Instagram landscape.

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