Am I Crazy Or Is It Okay To Have More Than 5 iPhone Cases?


Having an iPhone to use is a zeal and then comes the parade of the different iPhone cases. Many of us keep buying iPhone cases just as we see them like the idea of having different cases for different occasions is just so cool. Wearing a matching outfit with your iPhone case is no new thing. You may have seen those cool girls from high school always matching their phone case with their outfits and even doing this week around. That is crazy, but that is even more common now.

Most people tend to buy and own more than one iPhone case for their digital limb, aka the smartphone. Our phone covers show our personality, personal style, and how precious we keep our phones to us. Most nowadays, people are having their iPhone 12 go without a case! And that is a trend too. People are now using caseless phones to show their status. This status symbol has become more of a norm now to keep their phone be as slim as possible.

This also shows a carefree attitude towards the phone breakage upon falling. The phone may fall and may break it’s front or backside, i.e. in iPhone x cases etc. But if you keep your phone covered all time, be sure to know you are playing it safe and that is just ALRIGHT.

People who like going minimal with their phone cases opt for the transparent, ultra-slim bodies for their phones that may have some customizations on the back. Maybe some cool stickers or a dollar note may be visible from the backside of the phone. And some other people go full board buying a wallet case, multiple silicone cases, some neutrals and black cases for serious days, and some, ultra pearled ones for parties! that is too much to handle, but it’s all fine for those who like doing it.

After all, it is a personal choice to dress our phones the way we want to. You may go without a phone case, and you may go with a double-decker wallet case. It is all up to you, and you can pick for yourself what appeals to you the most. Just make sure you are not spending a fortune on these cases or spending the same for getting your phone fixed once you break it due to any reason, i.e. not having it covered with a case.

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