Android 12 will offer much more color schemes likes just black and white


With the introduction of Android 10 in 2019, users have finally received native support for dark mode UI of their system, with some manufacturers going even further. A good example is Xiaomi, which allows you to override the color of any application without natively supporting this mode. It was possible thank to new MIUI 12 UI. However, one of the main advantages of the dark regime is, it can puts less strain on the eyes. Also, in the case of AMOLED displays which are quite popular, it is also has more energy efficient. It means, that battery can work longer because if there is black pixel, it is not active, but tuned off.

Android 12 offers new color modes

However, with the advent of Android 12, there could be several changes in color modes. The topic is pointed out by the vosveteit portal.

According to published reports, the upcoming Android 12 will offer not two, but several color modes. They will be able to change the theme of the device interface. This feature should also change the interface of supported applications, which will be supported. At the same time, however, we still cannot say how many of these color schemes will be available. We can just guess.

However, with the second breath, it should be added that the colors schemes that will be available for smartphone users are likely to change from device to device, respectively from brand to brand. This is because manufacturers are likely to use their own sets of colors that line their superstructure interfaces.

Vosveteit further writes that for the time being, it seems that there will be no possibility of creating our own unique color that would line the interface of the device. It should also be mentioned that it will be interesting to see how application developers interact with this feature. The reason why, is that they will be up to them to implement these advanced features into their software.

In any case, the new changes could bring a fairly welcome refreshment, including new interface customization options. Would you welcome this new feature? Let us know below in the comments.

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