Attractive logos for online selling stores


Online commerce is the new thing. Gone are the days when customers preferred brick and mortar shopping stores. With the inception of technological means, purchasing can be done through online platforms. Such online platforms are now not only increasing in popularity but in numbers as well. This makes the e-commerce industry more competitive.

Online selling stores need to develop their identity and brand. This can be done by creating logos. These logos reflect what the brand stands for. Potential customer recognizes brands by such logos. Thus, it is important for online selling stores to focus on developing their logos. You can know more about it on

This article will guide you over different aspects relating to logos for online selling stores.

Attractive logos for online stores


Amazon is the leading brand in the realm of online sales. It began as a bookstore and has now expanded into millions of products and services. One of the reasons why it is so successful is due to the effective logo. The logo is simply the word ‘amazon’ black in color. There is an arrow beneath the word, which starts from the letter A and ends at the letter Z. This arrow is yellow in color. This logo reflects that the company is trustworthy and efficient in terms of the services it provides.

Nasty Gal

This is one of the most successful online retailers in the clothing market. It has one of the most creative and effective brand logos. It has an innovative typography, black in color, which boasts stylish appearance. It is reflective that the brand offers creative fashionable clothing.


This is another successful online store which sells a number of vintage items. The reason why this online selling platform is so successful is due to the creativity it offers to the customers. It has a classic typography displayed in a simplistic manner. This shows that the website stands for vintage items. The name is displayed in a circular orange background.

How to create an attractive logo online selling store?

Given that logos are inherently important for any online business, it is important to know how to make the right one. Following are some tips to consider while developing the right logo for online selling store:

  • It is imperative to create a memorable design which sticks in the mind of the potential purchaser. For example, online clothing line can use creative logos which represent their ideas and vision. However, it is essential to think out of the box.
  • Purpose of the logo is very important. The logo must represent what your brand stands for. For example, if the online service is providing house moving services, there you can perhaps choose a hand moving houses as your logo.
  • Minimalism is the key. In this day and age, there is no need to go with gaudy logos. Try to stick to minimalist colors and design for an attractive visual appeal.

Should you hire professionals?

One of the basic questions that many online selling businesses ask is whether they should hire professionals to create their logos. The simple answer is yes. Professionals must be hired since they have the relevant expertise, experience and equipment in the industry.

It is essential to hire those professionals who have been in the industry for a number of years. Their experience will help you gain access to their competence. Most importantly, communicate the needs and preferences of your online selling platform to the professional. This will enable them to understand what you want and thereafter, create an attractive logo.

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