Behind the Scenes at Cyber Boy Corp


Beverly Hills – Cyber Boy Corp. I like the name. Makes you feel safe, doesn’t it? Warm. Comfortable. Well, I bet that’s exactly what the company’s CEO, Sr. Roy Andrade, was shooting for when he picked that name. A name that matches exactly what they do and you better believe that they do it well. A company gathering moss like a gargantuan rolling stone in a never-ending pursuit towards protecting the digital realm from all sorts of cyberattacks. Still going to work five days a week after and during the break-out of the coronavirus in March last year they have done nothing but gain juggernaut level momentum.

With two companies Roy had invested in (JCPenny and Frontier Communications) declaring bankruptcy and a massive loss of $750,000, the man has stumbled. He has fallen…is what I would be writing if he hadn’t shrugged off the dust and kept on running like it was nothing. Of course, it wasn’t nothing! $750,000 is a far cry away from what I’m currently earning. Those are some ugly figures I would rather not get into but I digress. A large number of small businesses are closing indefinitely with most of the owners defaulting on loans since the start of the pandemic. Cyber Boy Corp., however, is bathing in the heat of the chaos like a hot evening shower right before bed.

The planet is fast assimilating into the digital world. Companies pouring their data into systems in search of more practical means of data storage. Access is easier, storage takes up less space, it’s environment friendly, and is honestly cheaper compared to the traditional filing. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that multitudes are tossing all the data from their archives into a computer database. With this change, comes its own flaws, however. Decades ago, when someone wanted to steal a record or file, they had to go through two or three steel doors, a padlock, and a ton of rotting paper. Now, all one needs to access a file is a computer and henceforth ushering in an era where information espionage has never more rampant. From the big boys up in the government to the toddlers playing hopscotch in preschool, no one is safe. Sounds serious, right?

In 2019 alone, $3 trillion was poured into the solving of cybercrimes while most of it was simply lost. Keep in mind that those are numbers provided from filed reports when most of these crimes remain unreported. Now instead of padlocks, latches, steel doors, and security guards, we have Cyber Boy Corp. A cybersecurity company whose primary objective is to protect your business from being on the wrong end of cybercrimes such as identity theft and fraud, ransomware, phishing and spoofing, and DDoS attacks. Sr. Roy Andrade established this company on the 19th of March, 2020, and has its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, and has been rocking business like it never stopped.

He started this company to enforce cybersecurity and provide businesses and homes with a sense of calm as they transition into computerized environments. However, they remain private and work through an affiliate hoping to go public in 2022. Also, they offer investigative services to companies unfortunate enough to have experienced one of the crimes I mentioned above.

In addition to information security, they also provide physical security with former military servicemen working 24/7 outside their main offices. Despite the company being currently under development and facing stiff competition from larger brands like Google and Microsoft, Sr. Roy Andrade is undeterred in his pursuit of turning Cyber Boy Corp. into a dominant tech company before long. Roy says he is confident that Cyber Boy will be just as recognizable as Mickey Mouse before he becomes white-haired and under the rate he’s working, I can’t help but believe him. Cyber Boy is looking to branch even beyond security and into sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Much is expected from Cyber Boy Corp. this year after a spokeswoman announced the completion of their video game division construction project at CBC Headquarters on January 1, 2021, and anticipates the release of their first video game before winter. Gamers can expect to see tremendous success in and out of Cyber Boy Corp.’s Video Game Department in the coming years. Sr. Roy Andrade has already popped champagne bottles and views this as a big step for his organization. Not to mention, another way for Cyber Boy Corp. to earn additional revenue during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Astonishing.

Affiliates and Partners

Cyber Boy Corp. has partnered with Pangaea Visions (  A company built from the ground up by Noah Fuentes in June 2017 and has since made a living from selling handcrafted garments. Pangaea, a name originating from back in the days when the earth had only one continent and one large ocean before the continental drift. Roy and Noah have partnered in crafting Cyber Boy T-shirts, their partnership acting as an early sign of what is sure to follow – people flocking to work with and under the business guru that is Sr. Roy Andrade.

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