Benefits of investment in stock market


Investment is a great way of wealth building in just no time. Long-time financial needs can be achieved by an investment portfolio. Like, early repaying of mortgage, university fee payment of your children etc.  A modest amount of income can be achieved by wisely investing in stock and having patience over time. Stocks are legal shares that represent one as a part-owner of a company you have invested in. These stocks give a handsome profit when share prices increase. The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham preached that like in the past, real money needs to be made by investment not by buying and selling, but by owning and holding securities, receiving interest and dividends, and taking benefits from their long-term rise in value. This popular strategy is now being used by high-profile investors such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

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Benefits of investment:

  • Easy to buy and sell

The stock market allows you to buy and share these volatile investments anytime, either online, through a broker, or financial planner. Commission-free buying and selling is also a plus point of online trading as introduced by a broker, Robinhood. It requires minutes to buy stocks and also can be converted into cash with minimum transaction costs.

  • Diversification

Stock market is a highly diversified mode of investment and has nothing to do with changes in the value of other types of investments such as real estate. The development and growth in the financial sector are closely associated with revolution and evolution. Therefore, the impact of FinTech on financial and trading processes has gained importance due to its dynamic nature. Where this movement will take us is hard to guess, but one thing can be said, surely, the traditional stock and banking system is unlikely to survive this revolution.

  • Outperform inflation

A 10% average return rate of stocks per annum is considered way better than the average rate of inflation which makes it difficult to find an investment or saving account that returns above the present rate of inflation. Investments such as stocks that can outperform inflation are worth considering that you can buy and hold even if there is a temporary drop of value.

  • Better long term returns

Amongst all asset classes, stocks have outperformed in terms of return. Cash may sound like a safe method, but stocks provide growth opportunities in the long term. Stock markets tend to rise and fall daily and investments in stable companies that provide a high growth rate tend to appeal to investors to gain profit from their shares. Investments in several different stocks will also lead to building your wealth by the leveraging of growth in multiple economic sectors, which results in benefit even if some of your stocks lose their value.

During market bubbles, selling your shares for more than the worth makes an opportunity for valuable profit-making. In case of an unexpected emergency, stocks serve as a financial cushion. Hence, investing wisely in a business that generates good investment and holding on to them with patience is a reliable wealth generation method.

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