Best 15 Basketball team drills for coaches


Our library of basketball training videos provides instructional videos for players and coaches. These instructional videos make learning and practicing easy for players. The purpose of these instructional videos is to give tools and techniques to coaches and players. Players will have to know new techniques and drills to break down several steps. By practicing these basketball drills, players can boost up their performance in the field.

When a coach uses these Basketball training videos as a tool to teach his players it benefits them in many ways. Here we are going to talk about basketball team drills.

Basketball team drills

In this section, we have collected different drills by keeping the whole team in mind. All the drills present in this section will incorporate with the entire team. Drills for developing the shooting, 2-2-1 press defensive and ball handling skills for your team players are included in this library. Being a coach you need not to worry about which basketball drills you should use while training your entire team. Different types of team drills are mentioned below

  1. 3 on 2,2 on 1 transition basketball drill
  2. 5 star basketball passing drill
  3. Basic and cutter shell basketball drill
  4. Off the dribble team warm up basketball shooting drill
  5. Pin down team warm up basketball shooting drill
  6. Reverse pivot team warm up basketball shooting drill
  7. 4 square basketball passing drill
  8. 4 on 4 consecutive stops defensive basketball drill
  9. Fake hand off basketball drill
  10. Guard dump off basketball drill
  11. One foot team finishing basketball drill
  12. Post feed relocate basketball drill
  13. Second move team finishing basketball drill
  14. Step back team finishing basketball drill
  15. Down screens and baseline drive shell basketball drill

Advantage of team drills

When a team repeatedly practices drills for skills such as passing and shooting, the more it will be able to perform well in the game. Being a elbow block coach it is your duty that you spend needed time on working on different areas of your team. It sounds great but the difficulty is the drills are either for a single player or for a small group. All the team drills that we have designed will work for the whole team. Different skills from passing to shooting and many more, these team drills will add more and useful drills to the workout plans of your team.


Team drills are important in case you are not finding any suitable collection of drills for team practice. Our collection of videos will let you add several drills to your training plan. With these quality drills you are going to train your team in the best possible way.

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