Best 20 basketball fundamentals and drills for beginners:


If you are beginning your career as a basketball player, you must be in search of instructional and training videos that are specifically designed for beginners. If you haven’t found one, there is nothing to be worried about. You are at the right platform. Our library of instructional videos contains every information about basketball. These videos are helpful to beginners as well as advanced-level basketball players.

How instructional videos prove helpful to beginners?

This section is all about basketball instructional videos and its importance. These basketball training videos are recorded by high profile basketball professionals. In these training videos, from basic to every fundamental point is instructed. The perfect way to perform various basketball drills is taught in these videos. With the help of these training videos, beginners will be able to know how to perform drills and which drill is used to break down a specific move.

Important teaching points for beginners:

With these training videos, some important teaching points are also there. These points will help the beginners to better understand basketball moves. After learning from them, starters will be able to give better performance on the basketball court.

  • Learn each move accurately

Basketball drills are not effective if the player just goes through the motions. Drills are beneficial when the player has learned how to perform the drill accurately. Thus, you must learn the particular drill accurately to master a move.

  • Revive a move

After you have learned the move, refresh on that move. It will make you a better player as refreshing is always helpful. So watch the video again and refresh yourself to execute the move correctly.

  • Standard repetitions

When you have learned all these basketball fundamentals, the next step is to do standard repetitions. To master a move, quality repetitions are very important. Because, in this way you invest more time in performing those moves and hence it trains you to play in the best way.

There are many different drills that are designed for basic training of basketball beginners. The list of these basketball drills is as follow;

  1. Ball screen refusal basketball drill
  2. Leg whip post move basketball drill
  3. Duck in post move basketball drill
  4. Ball screen pull up jump shot basketball drill
  5. Ball screen turn the corner basketball drill
  6. How to shot fake in basketball
  7. Beginners shooting drills
  8. Use of straight cut in basketball
  9. Rip through basketball drill
  10. Ball protection basketball finish move
  11. Ball screen defender goes under shot basketball drill
  12. Ball screen retreat dribble attack basketball drill
  13. Ball screen flat switch basketball drill
  14. Switch mismatch basketball drill
  15. Hold off the defense basketball finish
  16. Euro step breakdown basketball drill
  17. High low post move basketball drill
  18. Jab and go move in basketball
  19. Sweep move basketball drill
  20. Use of fade cut in basketball 

Final words:

All the drills mentioned above are specific for basketball beginners. All these drills prove helpful in training a starter. Therefore, buy our basketball training videos and train yourself in the best way.

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