Best creative incentives to strengthen your business

There are numerous ways you could ensure efficient development and steady growth of your business. Achieving success, afterall, is not confined to a particular set of rules or one exclusively secret formula. However, one approach that has proven to work in terms of strengthening your team performance, general wellness of your rankings and the stability of your company is an act of offering various incentives to the employees. The ideas for a creative incentive can be endless, and because of this reason you may find yourself burdened with indecisiveness. Worry not! I have put together some of the best incentives you can present to your team. You will surely find something useful here, so keep on reading and take notes, if necessary.

Free tickets

While this option may appear as relatively less of a ‘’surprise’’, the main benefit of offering tickets as an incentive is how it gives you the ability to appeal to almost every one of your employee’s taste. Surely, not all of them fancy spending Friday evenings listening to Schubert’s sonatas, right? Perhaps, some would prefer attending a football match, or having a blast with the arrival of a famous DJ in the city. Whatever it is, free tickets are guaranteed to make everyone happy.

Gym membership

Alright, this one is a bit tricky. And yes, you know exactly where I am going with this. While some of your employees may be thrilled to receive free gym membership as an incentive, some might take it as a personal insult. To get unnecessary conflicts and tense situations out of the way, either avoid necessarily giving gym membership to overweight workers you have, or provide it to everyone so no one assumes that you have offensive intentions.

Day offs are always a win-win

Do I really need to say much here? Day off is without exaggeration an absolute pinnacle of amazing incentives. Perhaps it is not the most sensationally creative idea you could come up with, but sometimes it is equally as important to consider the simple needs and dreams of the workers and offer them what they may desire the most in that particular time frame. What I mean by this is that if your team is completely burnt out, the schedule is more hectic than usual, or it is the time of the year when most work gets piled up, it is very less likely that anyone would appreciate gym membership or a disco blast. The best thing you could provide to your employees in such a circumstance would be a good old day off. The latter will give them some time to unwind, relax and charge up with fresh energy to continue performing at the maximally satisfactory degree once they get back to work.

Social media promotion

This incentive, I’m sure, is a relatively uncommon one, but you can rest assured most people will love it greatly. If having a big following on various social media platforms is an essential part of your company, you may want to offer some free promotional opportunities to your employers. By purchasing followers, views, likes or any other type of engagement via helpful sources such as subscriberz for instance, you will help the workers boost their online stats and conduct a higher quality digital marketing in various aspects. You could also link their profiles on your brand’s account.

Personalized gifts

This next incentive idea in my list may be a little more time-consuming than the ones mentioned above. Although, of course, you are not always required to offer your employers the presents that accurately appeal to their interests and taste. Doing so once in a while is more than enough, and will substantially increase the degree of sympathy people have towards you. As much as virtually all sorts of incentives are appreciated and welcomed, when someone sees that you have put actual time and effort into delivering something encouraging and fun to them, their motivation will increase tenfold.


If you are not all that concerned about cost-effectiveness of your incentives, go ahead and change the decor of your work space. Or even better, make your employers better equipped. You don’t have to go out of your way and purchase the latest PC models, handing people comfortable wireless chargers can be just as effective. A simple addition or alteration of the interior will help refresh the working atmosphere. Most office jobs, in case yours is of this kind, are dreadful as they are. Performing them in the exact environment for prolonged periods of time can be energy-draining and stressful. Hence, nice little make-overs are bound to make everyone happy, and maybe even increase the level of productivity.

Lunch breaks at your cost

Finishing off the list with the basics, free food can be the absolute best incentive on the planet. Order some delicious, fun meals and the excitement you witness on your employees’ faces will be priceless. It does not always have to be a surprise though. If you want to avoid uncomfortable or insensitive situations, ask people what the best option could be, or who would like to be included in the order count to begin with. As a helpful side note, I would advise not organizing food feasts too often, if you know that one of your employees suffers from disordered eating habits, or anything along those lines. While it’s all good and well to pamper your workers with fun incentives, make sure to always remain considerate and thoughtful.

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