Best help guide for students on how to get cheaper apartments in New York


Living in a big city is always demanding, and if that city is New York! Man, you need to be extra smart. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world dream to live in the city but if you’re a student it becomes tougher and tougher to find the right place. New York City is regarded as one of the financial capitals of the world, and the most populous city in the United States of America. But this is not the only reason for its popularity; it promises some of the best educational institutes, colleges, and universities in the world. For this reason, NYC becomes an important place not only for students around the US but from the world as well.

But the million-dollar question is how students will find affordable apartments or rooms close to their campuses? For this, they need a reliable property service or website, which offers them affordable rental rooms and cheaper apartments.

Many areas in the city offer apartments and rooms for students like Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, but the two places Manhattan and Brooklyn are considered as the desired places. Manhattan and Brooklyn offer a lot of space, cheaper apartments for students, but finding them is the biggest problem. To get the cheaper apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn, here is the complete outline for them.

Student Housing in Manhattan

If you’re considering living other than Manhattan, it means you are living outside NYC. Student housing Manhattan offers rooms and apartments for students, as this area is known as the education hub. The amazing place offers so much more than any other place in the city especially if you are a student. With this place students have endless possibilities; the place is well occupied with colleges, institutions, and universities. Manhattan is the home of the world’s most reputed universities like New York University and Columbia University. Therefore for students, this place is like a home. Manhattan offers plenty of rooms and apartments for students.  However; because of its prime location and high real estate value, the accommodation in the area can go pretty quickly.

Student Housing in Brooklyn

Just like Manhattan, Brooklyn also offers many best educational institutes. Therefore, many students want to live in the area because of the finest educational services. Student housing Brooklyn offers plenty of space; Greenpoint and Bushwick are the most admired destinations for students. Besides these listings, students can look for other cheaper alternatives like the neighborhoods of Bed-Stuy and Prospect Heights. Before booking your student space in Brooklyn, it’s certainly advisable to carefully consider your commute to campus.


NYC is ranked as one of the topmost places in the world that offers some state of art educational facilities. Its well-reputed and renowned educational institutions attract thousands of students not only from inside the country but from around the world. Therefore, it becomes a demanding task for students to find suitable rooms and apartments near their campuses.

Besides being unkind like many big cities are, New York City also provides many opportunities for students as well. But for that, they need to be smart and active, as there is no place and space for laziness in this world.

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