Best Virtual Assistant Services: 2021 Edition


The recent events in 2020 have paved a way for the industry of virtual assistants to emerge and deliver its maximum remote advantages to various companies. The sudden boost helped them continuously operate amid the current global health crisis.

With the seamless availability on the interweb, the demand for outsourcing virtual assistant services has significantly increased over the past few months. However, in this light, different companies started to emerge with the same core objective — to help companies conserve time, energy, resources, and ultimately, reduce the stress in the workplace. All of these objectives made the selection process even harder for some.

Choosing the best virtual assistant services company is tough, especially now that the competition among companies providing this particular service is cutthroat. With their own features, price ranges, and “gimmicks”, choosing becomes overwhelming when your business is still in its premature phase. Chances are, you might be employing a company that is too excessive or insufficient to your company standards and structure.

Indeed, knowing the best virtual assistant services to work with should be your top priority if you want to stay aligned with the consumers’ newer demands. Also, it still pays to know the specific areas in your business suitable for outsourcing. Doing so enables maximum efficiency without spending too much on your end. The lack of knowledge on how working with a virtual assistant really works, as well as how it changes the flow of your operation in many ways, can be risky.

Fortunately, there are some notable companies that you can check on if you are trying to look for the best virtual assistant services for 2021. Below is a quick list of the best virtual personal assistant service companies that your company can collaborate with and help your business gear up for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

1. Time Etc

Working with over 10,000 companies worldwide, Time Etc proves to be one of the best virtual assistant service providers in the market right now. With US-based only virtual assistants who have undergone their 10-step selection process, guarantees they employ virtual assistants well-versed in adapting to your business’s dynamic standards and conditions in order to provide the most efficient remote assistant services at all times with minimal to no extra cost.

Key Features/Services

  • Clerical and Administrative Assistant Services
  • Content Writing Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Sales and Lead Generation


Time Etc offers flexible VA services packages equated by total monthly hours that you can cancel whenever you want.

  • Ten hours – $270 /month ($27 per hour)
  • Twenty hours – $520 /month ($26 per hour)
  • Forty hours – $1000 /month ($25 per hour)
  • Sixty hours – $1440 /month ($24 per hour)

All these packages enable you to maximize the premium support advantages of Time Etc. Time Etc also offers free of charge service for the first task, and they allow you to roll over any of your unused hours into the next month. Additionally, all of these packages come with no setup costs.

2. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands’ strength is rooted in handling repetitive (and exasperating) tasks that tend to hamper your daily productivity. What makes Fancy Hands one of the best remote assistant providers right now is the way they execute trustworthy virtual assistant services that lighten the load that short tasks usually give to companies within reasonable pricing plans.

Key Features/Services

  • Recurring request feature to handle all your repetitive tasks
  • Usage Stat feature enables you to keep track of your used time
  • Maximum confidentiality feature enables you to share sensitive information with your VA


Fancy Hands’ comprehensive price plan is charged based on the total amount of requests. Note that the following price plans include Fancy Hands’ VIP features such as rollover request feature, recurring request feature, usage stats, and several others.

  • Three requests: $17.99 per month ($6 per request)
  • Five requests: $29.99 per month ($6 per request)
  • 15 requests: $74.99 per month ($5 per request)
  • 30 requests: $149.99 per month ($5 per request)

Also, Fancy Hands enables its clients to send requests for a dedicated VA through different communication channels such as emails, texts, messages via Slack, Skype, and several others.

3. New Media Services

Founded in 2008, New Media Services is an Australian based BPO company pioneering in providing tailor-built virtual assistant solutions in Australia, US, and in the UK. With its ever-improving, ever-evolving lines of services and skill sets, New Media Services is an ideal choice if you are looking for a worthy virtual assistant service provider in the market today.

Key Features/Services

  • Booking and Verification Management
  • Data Entry
  • Document Management
  • Clerical to Technical Tasks
  • Social Media Management
  • Transcription


New Media Services’ excellent line of virtual assistant services comes at reasonable prices to bring a perfectly balanced array of solutions for your company requirements.

  • Free trial – A test task to be completed by the VA for clients to assess the quality of service.
  • Basic VA – Starts at $8/hr  (minimum of 48 hours per month)
  • Premium VA – Starts at $10/hr (minimum of 48 hours per month)
  • Full-time – Customized quote based on your business requirements

4. Belay

Originally established to provide outsourced assistance to churches, Belay has proven that they can give so much more. Now operating with highly qualified, US-based individuals as candidates for virtual assistants, Belay became a notable recommendation for companies seeking a virtual assistant company to handle all your backlogs. To ensure that they deliver the best remote service possible, Belay’s stringent screening process enables them to deploy the perfect candidate to work with you. They mostly hire individuals with a college degree to guarantee quality services.

Key Features/Services

  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Virtual Bookkeeping Services
  • Website Maintenance Services
  • Social Media Strategist


Third-party sources suggested that Belay’s subscription plans have a one-time setup payment of $495 and VA price ranging from $38 to $45 per hour with a minimum of 10 hours per week. However, if you want to have a more in-depth knowledge of their pricing, you need to request a full consultation directly from Belay.

5. Zirtual

They are known for letting you work with a so-called “Zirtual Assistant”, they are dubbed as refined and dedicated remote assistants capable of handling varying undertakings in your business. They ensure that each and every one of their Zirtual Assistants is physically and mentally geared to adapt to all your outsourcing concerns. Once they are done tracing what needs to be done, they can significantly reduce your backlog concerns from minimal to zero.

Key Features/Services

  • Seamless communication through phone, SMS, and email
  • Systematic delegation process
  • Well-geared and dedicated team
  • Well-prepped virtual assistants to take on varying tasks


Zirtual has straightforward pricing plans for their clients, which is fairly reasonable considering that you get world-class services without spending too much.

  • Entrepreneur Plan — $449/month (12 Hours of Task Work Per Month)1 User Included
  • Startup Plan — $749/month (24 Hours of Task Work Per Month) 2 Users Included
  • Small Business Plan — $1099/month (36 Hours of Task Work Per Month) 3 Users Included
  • Team Plan — $1499/month (50 Hours of Task Work Per Month) 5 Users Included

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With all of their varying pros and cons, selecting the best virtual assistant services provider that will suit your business needs can be exasperating. But, the features enumerated here serve as your solid basis to discover the right one for you. There are pointers and A+ features such as reliability, seamless communication, service immediacy, maximum security, and affordable rates that you can consider making the selecting process easier. There may be still tons of companies that should be on our list, but using these as your vantage point is highly instrumental to help you get familiarized with the whole point of working with the virtual assistant industry.

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