Best ways to market your music – strategies, tips and more


Throughout human history, music has continuously been composed, changed, divided into genres, upgraded, polished and most importantly, communicated to the audiences. Some may argue that whether there is a listener or not has little to do with the inherent value of music, but some believe that music is valuable only insofar as it can be enjoyed, or ‘’instrumentalized’’ for the pleasure of its listeners. Whichever of these stances you choose to adhere to, one thing remains unchanged – music has an enormous promotional nature attached to it. Most composers, musicians and singers seek evaluation from the masses, they want to be heard. In other words, music is being marketed all around the world. If you are eager to find out how to promote your music with maximum efficiency, keep reading this article with great care.

Establish your online persona

As one would expect, using social media platforms to promote music is fairly effective. Afterall, we are not living in the previous centuries when musicians had to go on exhausting journeys from one place to another, give endless performances and hope to gain some popularity within local communities. It was less likely for them to become known outside of their country as well (referring to regular/amateur musicians in the beginning of their careers).

Luckily, this issue has lost relevance in the digital age. There are numerous options to market your music and get it played/streamed all across the globe. What is even more fortunate is the cost-effectiveness of promoting your music online. Sure, a lot of platforms offer fairly expensive premium services, but those that are free of charge seem to work just as well. Whether you go for Youtube, Soundcloud or any other outlet of your choice, make sure to try out as many ways as possible to get your voice heard. If your channel fails to take off and you are stuck with the same couple hundred loyal subscribers (which should always be appreciated properly), you may go ahead and seek alternative ways to somewhat boost your stats, and attract the audience with your impressive number of views, shares, likes or whatever there is. Jaynike can assist you perfectly in obtaining all the necessary attributions that will help kickstart your musical promotions and build a successful online platform.

Besides establishing yourself on the media outlet where you will be directly releasing and marketing your content, it is equally important to register on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maybe even TikTok. You have to find ways to connect with your fanbase on a more personal level, ask them for suggestions, organize Q&A sessions, update them on the upcoming content, promote new music videos and shows, offer them merchandise, or simply share bits of your daily life with them. People love seeing their favourite musicians, or generally someone they follow, doing day-to-day activities. A cute snap with your pet, or a funny cooking clip can go a long way. By providing high quality non-musical content, you will indirectly succeed at marketing yourself as a musician.

Listen, to be listened

We have probably all heard people complain about certain musicians ‘’being out of touch’’ with their audiences. What exactly does this mean, and how can you avoid finding yourself in the same unfortunate condition? If we go back to the previous tip of maintaining a close relationship with your fanbase, it is indeed extremely important to carefully listen to what people want.

As a prime example, let’s discuss Dua Lipa and her phenomenal improvement which shocked people. There were short clips circulating all across Youtube in which the british star danced in a rather awkward manner. People were of course relentless about it. Some provided constructive criticism but as one would expect from the internet, most comments were vile, rude and hurtful. By being extremely mature and mentally strong, Dua Lipa took the criticism well and came back stronger than ever. She surprised everyone with her dancing skills, and incredible live singing. Had she started recording herself sobbing, disappeared from the industry altogether or simply ignored the judgment, maybe it would not be the most terrible decision. But listening to what people have to say, and the ability to handle criticism with maturity proved to work better.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you have gotten to where you are almost entirely with the help of your audience. Perhaps your music is indeed extraordinarily pleasurable to listen to, maybe you do possess unmatched talents, but how would you market your content, if people refused to follow along? This is to say that you have to show gratitude to your fanbase at all times. The best promotional strategy, afterall, is to remain faithful to those who helped build your career and stuck with you in the most challenging times.

Be daring and adventurous

Too many people wish to become famous musicians, but not everyone is willing to go out of their way to actually perform in front of crowds. Whether it is due to the ‘’stage fright’’, general awkwardness or the fear to be judged, the opportunities are being wasted, and you may regret shying away from taking risks later.

First things first, you need to understand that conquering the heart of your local community plays a big role in your future career. What better audience can you promote your music to, if not your fellow citizens? Why not book gigs in the nearby, or even play in the streets (where the chance of going ‘’viral’’ is even greater). Of course, it has become difficult to organize concerts or music events considering the situation brought about by pandemic, but this does not mean that you are completely out of options. So many famous musicians have been discovered while performing outdoors. Although, if you do not necessarily get noticed by a profitable agent, there is still a chance that you will get recorded by an impressed stranger and the short clip of your singing may shock thousands. So then, what is holding you back? Unfortunately, you cannot successfully market your music by staying in the comfort of your surroundings. Accomplishments and fortune will not be brought to you on a silver plate. Be daring, and be ready to make courageous decisions. If nothing beneficial comes out, you will at least know that you have tried hard enough.

Make right connections

As in many other industries, connections are everything when it comes to music. Who you choose to work with essentially determines how far you can go, what you can expect and what the outcome of your career will be. If you are not initially blessed by knowing the right group of people, you will have to take a couple of things into account. Firstly, when you reach out to blogs, digital outlets, playlist curators or experienced publicists, keep in mind that all of these people receive thousands, if not more, of similar requests and submissions on a daily basis. They do not solely exist to take care of your dreams and ambitions, so remain patient and in case of not receiving the response right away, do not give up.

Before making connections, you also have to do a little bit of research. You cannot just start randomly sending out submissions to people or outlets that are not interested in the type of music you are willing to market. Know your recipients, and make thoughtful moves. Do not hesitate to compromise to some extent as well. Maybe they will ask you to modify certain things, or make some kind of alterations to your works. You may not be fond of these ideas, but if you do not cooperate, you won’t be able to succeed. Making connections, afterall is a two-way street. You give something, and get something back.

Mix hard work with persistence

Marketing your music successfully is one thing, but the quality of your work which has to remain steadily high is a whole different story. No connections, social media following or outdoor performances can step up your game, save the persistence and hard work. You have to keep learning and improving yourself every day. That is a proven way to produce music in these highly competitive and overcrowded artistic field. There are so many people with the same goals as you. If you fail to hold yourself to a certain standard, you will fall back inevitably.

Aside from such dedication, do not forget to remain stable and persistent. The music industry is not always predictable, neither can you constantly make accurate predictions with regards to how well your works will do, what the feedback will be, or how much you can benefit from promoting your content. There are a number of things that you simply cannot control. Therefore, make sure to take hold of what entirely depends on you. Stay true to yourself, put in time, effort, (and if necessary, money) in producing quality content, research and reach out to the right people, work on polishing your online presence and once you obtain a certain amount of following, be grateful and attentive of their requests, suggestions and feedback. With the reasonable combination of all these tips and tactics, you will market your music successfully and have fun in the process.

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