Can you ask for compensation if your pet got injured in a car accident?


People love their pets. Based on an American Pet Products Association survey, about 67% of U.S households possess at least a single pet. The number had exceeded by 58% since 1988 when Americans got asked about their household pet. Many people travel with their pets. And the sad thing is sometimes car crashes can occur when people are traveling along with their pets. It is necessary to know what happens when your pet gets injured in a car accident.

Is your pet covered?

Pets usually get considered as personal property! Hence, you might get insurance compensation for the damages when a pet gets injured in the accident. It is essential to file an insurance claim against the insurance coverage of the driver at fault.

The crash victims usually consider the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) policy for covering injuries. The policy, however, doesn’t cover property damage. Even if there is collision coverage in your insurance policy, it only offers compensation for the vehicle’s damage. The other driver’s property damage liability policy might cover the damages for the personal property, for instance, a pet.

How much can you get?

One of the issues that you might face is the insurance organization telling you that you will only pay the market price for the property damage. For instance, you might have spent $150 to buy a dog. The insurance organization might say that they need to pay only $150 as a damage cost. On the other hand, you might have vet bills that surpass the amount. It is essential to get in touch with an expert car accident lawyer who can help you with the claim. To know more about this, you can check out The Stephens Law Firm in Houston.

The insurance exclusions

A few insurance companies include exclusions in terms of pets. For instance, the dogs and cats might get covered, but other exotic animals might get excluded from the compensation. It is essential to note that you can’t get compensation for supporting your pet’s few pre-existing health conditions.

You must document all your pet injuries and the costs you had to pay for treating the pet. Else, it becomes complex to ask for full compensation for the damage. It is less likely that you can get non-economic damages associated with the pet’s injury. For instance, you might not get compensation for the mental turmoil related to the pet’s death or injury.

It is necessary to note that you might file a lawsuit for recovering the compensations for the crash damages, which comprise the injury that your pet suffered. The majority of the claims get solved through the insurance settlement. When it comes to a lawsuit, it is usually the resort of the insurance company’s settlement offer is significantly less. It would be best if you discussed these things with an expert and licensed car accident lawyer. Hence, you need to search for one who can address these aspects with precision and confidence and resolve your case.

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