Cannabis Products that are Changing the Industry


The people have spoken and so has the research. Now that cannabis products have become legalized across Canada and in many states, a new, more sophisticated brand of consumers is getting acquainted with all of their health and well-being benefits.

For those who are entirely new to cannabis products, or are returning to enjoy them again after a long break, the growth of the industry is yielding many welcome surprises. Stay on top of the latest innovations by checking out these new products.

Cannabis Chews

Dietary supplements represent an enormous industry because millions of people find success in enriching their diets with alternatives. Today, it is no longer the case that the only way to get the additional boost that you need is by popping a pill. Some of the innovative ways people take supplements today include:

  • Capsules, powders, and tablets
  • Enriched foods
  • Chewablegummies

When it comes to innovation, the cannabis industry is leading the supplement market by introducing all of these options and more. If you’re looking for a way to add cannabis products to your diet that is similar to other supplements you’ve taken, then cannabis chews might be the best option for you. You can even get gourmet options like artisanal strawberry or pomegranate varieties crafted by top chefs in order to enjoy the experience even more.

Cannabis Drinks

Whether you’re looking for effects that will help you relax after a busy day or looking for a new way to enjoy cannabis edibles to meet your therapeutic mandate, cannabis drinks are one of the most popular new ways to go.

While the ability to infuse cannabis products into a drinkable format is not new, the recent boost in their popularity is due to increased availability of products that offer more options for a more sophisticated palate. The most popular new cannabis drinks available tend to revolve around sparkling water or gourmet teas. For many, adding cannabis products to their regular diet in this way involves almost no change at all to a daily routine.

Cannabis Oils, Gels, and Lotions

Oils come in a wide variety that are used for distinct purposes. Some oils are meant to be consumed in droplet format, which means they can either be ingested orally or added to your favorite foods and drinks. If you’re interested in trying edible cannabis oils, the first step you should take it is to learn how to use them to get the best results.

Unlike edible oils, cannabis gels and lotions are usually meant to be used externally in order to provide direct therapeutic relief to specific areas of the body. These can be used to treat muscle pain or allow you to enjoy a calming sensation that will enhance your ability to relax after a stressful day.

While cannabis edibles and other products have been available for some time, it used to be the case that you were stuck with whatever varieties you could find. Now that the industry has grown, there’s room for higher-quality options, along with those crafted with specific therapeutic needs in mind. If you haven’t taken a look to see what’s available lately, now is the time to find out.

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