Carpet Tile Trends For the 21st Century

Trends in commercial carpet tiles will continue as many industries look to replace their current flooring with new, more durable and cost-effective flooring options. The biggest change, however, won’t be in the type of material but in the colour scheme that’s chosen. Rather than a range of standard tones or colours, new carpet tile designs will include a choice of vivid, bright and bold patterns.

These designs will be reflected in the materials used for the carpets. For example, high traffic areas such as waiting areas, kitchens, cafes and reception areas may feature darke as well as choosing tiles with vibrant, eye-catching designs, it’s likely that high traffic areas will also benefit from using tiles featuring different shades of black. This can help create a uniformed appearance for the room and make the area seem more professional and less confusing than a brightly coloured, textured carpet would.

Black carpets can also help lift the mood of a room – something which can be achieved by using softer, silkier colours for less high traffic areas. Alternatively, if a room features high traffic but less frequented area then it is likely that neutral, plain-looking carpets will be more suitable.

Other design elements will also be influenced by the types of materials being used for the carpets. The most popular types of commercial carpet tiles are now polyester and nylon. Whilst nylon is cheaper than polyester, it’s not as durable. If you need a large rug, however, nylon may be the better option as it’s a cheaper alternative to other synthetic fibres. Nylon carpet, because it’s so durable, doesn’t stain easily and it resists odours quite well.

Carpet tiles in bold, contrasting colours are also highly sought after and come in a wide variety of styles. Oriental, folk or oriental carpet styles are the most common styles, although contemporary has also become very popular. These carpet tiles will work well in many different rooms, as they’re usually bolder than the others. If you want something with a lot of colours, however, you should choose some very dark, muted coloured carpets.

In terms of material, one of the most popular types of commercial carpet tiles is hardwood. Carpet tiles made from hardwood are strong, durable and relatively easy to maintain. In fact, cleaning a hardwood floor with a commercial carpet cleaner is actually easier and more convenient than cleaning a carpet that’s made from a different type of fibre. If you have a large commercial space, it’s definitely worth considering hardwood.

But perhaps the biggest influence on carpet tiles is the colour range. From black to navy, burgundy to chocolate brown, you’ll find an amazing choice of colours that will really transform the look of your room. Most companies make a large selection so it can be difficult to settle on just one. If you’re in doubt, however, ask for samples to be brought to your office so you can be absolutely sure before you buy.

It’s also possible to get carpet tiles that are manufactured from materials such as ceramic, rather than cotton. These carpet tiles are even harder to keep clean than cotton carpets as they’re harder to remove dirt from. A downside is that they tend to cost more than normal carpets as there’s a higher risk of breakage when they’re being used. Yet if they are properly cared for, they can last for years and provide a unique design element to any room.

In terms of carpet tile trends, we can expect many more innovative, colourful designs in the future. There’s been a lot of research into the way certain fabrics work in damp or cold conditions and so you can expect carpets made from polyester to dry extremely quickly and provide an effective barrier against the chill. We may also see carpet tiles made from fabrics that are absorbent and can help keep a room cooler. Carpet tile trends will no doubt continue for many years to come as the industry works out how best to use this versatile material. Just remember – the old adage that you get what you pay for should always be true!

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