Changes Made by the Coronavirus to the Education System


The year 2020 has become one of the most challenging ever. The outbreak of coronavirus has drastically changed various aspects of our lives. The educational system has also been affected a lot. Thousands of educational facilities are shut around the world. Over 1 billion learners have lost an opportunity to attend classes.

Fortunately, with the rapid development of technology, students can continue their studies online. E-learning has become a great alternative, which is not only convenient but also affordable and accessible. However, the influence the pandemic had on the educational system is quite dubious. While some people are 100% convinced that online learning is a fully advantageous experience, others are ultimately critical about it. Finally, those students, who have always been asking others, “Who can do my essay cheap and fast online?” will forget about their problems and enjoy each and every chance to get side help with the studies. At the same time, diligent and hard-working learners will also benefit from unlimited opportunities and perspectives.

Statistics show that online learning has increased the retention of information and helped students save time. Additionally, learners have got endless possibilities and resources that can advance learning to a completely different level.

Pros of Virtual Learning

Is it easy to replace the traditional class-based studying process with the virtual one? There is no need to deny that a considerable number of students take maximum advantage of the time. Finally, they have got an opportunity to read essay writing service reviews without any risks and concerns. Besides, it is inevitable to mind the countless other study resources, like libraries, video conferences, free apps, and channels they have got.

  • There is no need to deny that e-learning is getting increasingly popular. The spreading of coronavirus has increased the number of online classes, projects, and similar educational opportunities. Currently, students have a chance to join any meeting and participate in scholarly discussions from anywhere. Just find a strong Wi-Fi connection and become a member of an international conference or any other gathering.
  • A laptop or a PC plus an Internet connection are everything you need for your educational growth and improvement. No matter if you need to order a custom essay at studybay or discuss the details of the project with your fellow students, you can accomplish these tasks from the comfort of your home.
  • While a few months ago, you had to spend a considerable sum of your budget on living, transportation, study materials, and other college-related expenses, the pandemic has allowed you to save this money and use it for other purposes. Instead of traditional classes, learners can easily access interesting courses and complete exciting tasks for free.
  • Have you always dreamt of a chance to study abroad? Online learning is your opportunity to succeed with any course or class abroad. A laptop, Internet connection, strong desire, and a lot of time is a formula of your academic excellence.
  • While a considerable number of people are quite critical of e-learning, others view it as an exclusive chance to advance knowledge and skills to a completely new level. There are plenty of services and platforms, as essaypro, that may help you achieve the desired results and obtain the desired experience.

Cons of Virtual Learning

Although online learning seems beneficial for a considerable number of learners and instructors, it is inevitable to mind the significant challenges it implies.

  • Lack of social interaction. A total lockdown and an inability to attend classes are not the only problems caused by a coronavirus. People are getting isolated from one another, losing an opportunity to communicate. Even though there is a chance to keep in touch online, nothing can replace a traditional interaction with fellow students, professors, and other people. According to the results of the most recent study, the vast majority of college learners choose to withdraw from their studies because of the isolation.
  • Need of excellent motivation and time-management skills. Procrastination is one of the most significant problems students face. From the very beginning of the pandemic, learners have been struggling to set a proper atmosphere and practice to manage their time. While some of them have succeeded, others are still learning. Anyway, if you want to prosper with online learning, you need to be hard-working, flexible, diligent, and motivated. Set goals, make plans, and learn to follow the schedule if you strive to fight procrastination and use the time of isolation for personal growth and educational excellence.
  • Expensive equipment. When talking about online learning, the vast majority of people think about its effectiveness and affordability. Nevertheless, a few users mention costly equipment and costly items you will have to purchase to get a chance to succeed. Do you have a laptop and an Internet connection? Perfect, but according to the statistics, over 10% of students do not have Internet at home. Additionally, if you want to participate in international conferences or other scholarly meetings, you will have to spend considerable sums of money on specific gadgets.

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