Coronavirus and Sports Fans, A Relationship Based on Distance


It was on March 11th, 2020 when the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus as a global pandemic. With no real regards for anything, including economies, politics or social structures the virus has had a widespread impact in almost all corners of the globe. While the initial decision to ultimately cancel sports leagues and tournaments around the globe was a sound one, fans, including sports betting fanatics all around were left without anything to look for in regards to sports entertainment. And now as we reach the end of this tragic 2020 and with sports returning little by little to the beat of a “new normal” situation, will fans return?

A Stop No One Saw Coming

Up until February 2020 everything in the world seemed as normal as we could ask for. The year was just getting started, everyone was looking to fulfill their new year’s resolutions. Sports fans all over were living their best lives supporting their favorite teams in their respective leagues. You could say everything was “A Ok”, and then March came along. With the newfound presence of the world stopping COVID-19 virus everything came to a halt, sports too. With new rules of almost not moving at all to stop the virus from spreading, sports fans all around the world found themselves at home, without their main source of entertainment and looking at a grim road ahead.

New routines were invented, new interests and hobbies acquired, but in the mind of sports fans across the globe the question remained the same, when will the sporting world be back to normal? While there are no certain answers for that question different professional sporting leagues have started up again with the proper protocols in hand to ensure the safety of players and performers as well as being able to give back fans what they cherished the most, sports action.

Once The Storm Started To Clear It Was Time For Action

As time went on in 2020 with the Coronavirus as a part of our everyday lives we started seeing small glimmers of light and hope. With leagues like the NBA returning to finish out their season in a bubble style tournament in Florida, the NFL going through with their 2020 season and all the best professional soccer leagues in the world picking up where they left off, sports fans were treated to a new beginning.

While still at home, practicing social distancing and all the required behaviors to avoid the virus, fans have been given a reason to smile again via competitive sports. Yes, it might not be the same as before, but hey, this is better than nothing. The surge of new options for fans to live their sports experience in the best way possible from home like sports video games and online sports books to bet on their favorite teams on, professional sports decided to start fighting back against COVID-19 in honor of their fans.

Limited Solutions For Now, Big Plans For Later

In the heart of most fans there is no better feeling than going to see your favorite team play and hopefully win live. It’s a thrill like almost no other for die hard sports fanatics. With coronavirus putting a big stop to this kind of action fans have had to do part with cheering from home. But we could be coming closer and closer to a situational turn around. In different venues across the globe and following strict rules and guidelines teams have slowly welcomed fans back into their stadiums. With talks of even allowing fans to be welcomed back for Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay in early 2021 and with anti-virus vaccines starting to make the rounds the picture is clearing up more and more as we move along into 2021.

It is expected for sports to have a major bounce back once a proper solution is found for this virus and life can go back to the closest version of normal available. Expect stadiums and arenas to be filled to the brim with screaming fans cheering their favorite teams on, but for now, the best we can all do is stay safe, wait and hope.

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