COVID in Norilsk: the impact on life expectancy and health of the residents, Nornickel’s supporting activities


The virus that has spread worldwide so quickly has changed the lives of millions of people and made humanity feel that it is important to take care of health no matter what. Some places such as Norilsk where the life expectancy level is high and residents pay attention to their health regularly show that the virus can be beaten by cohesion and active preventive measures.

Norilsk Nickel plays a huge role in the Arctic region and provides full assistance for solving ecological issues. Due to the measures that are taken by the company regularly the health condition of Norilsk  residents is really good and that is the reason why the total number of infected people is not very high.

The article will overview the main activities led by Norilsk Nickel and show how it contributes to the improvement of various region’s spheres during these difficult times.

Nornickel Pays Attention to Health Condition of Norilsk Inhabitants by Providing Safety Environment Working Condition

It is widely known that the majority of industrial corporations were not ready for such challenges that the virus presented. Norilsk Nickel stated that it was a bit difficult to organize remote work but as it sets safety measures as one of the main goals and pays serious attention to the health condition of Norilsk residents it has done its utmost in order to protect its employees.

The company was monitoring the situation and provided full financial assistance not only to its workers and members of their families but to the health sphere of the region in general. It spends more than RUB10 BN to help:

  • purchase medical equipment needed
  • support its employees and their families
  • support the region’s small and medium-sized enterprises

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel has decided to share its experience in order to show other industrial corporations how cooperation and teamwork can help in such difficult times.

Nornickel has participated in the «Minex Russia 2020» Forum and it stated that Norilsk Nickel has never planned to work remotely and it does not have any experience in this sphere but the recent rules made Nornickel change the policy rapidly. Norilsk Nickel focused on the results, goals, and tasks and helped the majority of its employees to work comfortably from their home-offices.

However, not only the way of work was modified but the production underwent changes as well. Vladimir Trapezin has shared some information about the integration of digital tools and talked about the digital transformation of the industrial sphere.

It has been mentioned that in 2015 Norilsk Nickel has started the «Technological Breakthrough» project that will lead to digital production and improvement of business processes.

Moreover, the questions connected to geological exploration, extraction of minerals as well as innovative technologies in the industrial sphere in the COVID-19 times were also discussed during the Forum.

It was also mentioned that Norilsk Nickel knows how to protect the environment, as the life expectancy level in Norilsk is comparatively high.

Nornickel has won the «Innovative Solution of the Year» nomination and also got some other awards during the Forum. In addition, it states that it will continue its policy towards nature protection and will provide a safe environment for the region’s residents.

Norilsk Life Expectancy is High Due to the Ecological Projects Norilsk Nickel Participates In

Despite all the changes that happened due to COVID-19, Norilsk Nickel keeps moving towards its goals and actively participates in local and global projects devoted to environmental protection.

Nornickel pays special attention to the health condition of Norilsk inhabitants and that is why it has been working on the Sulphur Project the main aim of which is to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions for a long time.

Recently, the members of the Federal Council delegation have visited the Sulphur project showroom and learned more about it. They found out that the project has already brought great results as the emissions in the Norilsk residential area has decreased by 30% and by 15% in the Polar Division in general. It was also stated that Nornickel will spend about RUB200BN in order to convert sulfur to plaster with the use of modern technologies.

In addition, Nornickel has participated in B20 Forum where the participants discussed the questions connected to:

  • connection between sustainable development and climate
  • finance
  • infrastructure
  • ecology

and also paid attention to the issues connected with climate change. It was mentioned that it is essential to take preventive measures and investigate various ecological incidents thoroughly in order to avoid their recurrence in the future.

Norilsk Nickel stated that nobody actually expected that the melting of permafrost will lead to such consequences and a massive fuel spill will bring such huge damage to the Arctic region. Norilsk Nickel also points out that it will invest about Rub100BN in industrial safety and to investigate this incident.

Nornickel has also organized the great Norilsk expedition that will play a huge role in the Arctic region. It will let the scientists collect and examine the materials, provide recommendations for future measures that should be taken in the sphere of environmental protection, and save the uniqueness of the Arctic region’s nature.

But these projects are not the only ones Norilsk Nickel is involved in. As it states environmental protection as one of its main goals Nornickel devotes its attention to all the levels and takes care of:

  • waste management
  • air and water protection
  • conservation of biodiversity
  • efficient use of natural resources
  • sea freight

All in all, Norilsk is in good hands as the leading industrial producer actively participates in various ecological projects. All the activities Norilsk Nickel is involved in usually bring positive results and a high level of life expectancy in Norilsk is one of the good examples of Nornickel’s work.

Norilsk Nickel is also famous for its attitude towards its employees as it takes care of the health condition of Norilsk residents. Nornickel does its utmost in order to protect the Arctic region and eliminate the consequences of industrial production not only locally but also in the global arena.

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