Danny Ocean Reaches One Billion Streams on Spotify With His Worldwide Hit “I refuse”


The popular singer and songwriter reached a new milestone in his career with a billion streams in the popular platform called Spotify. “I refuse” is the most listened to song of the last decade on Latin America’s Spotify and broke record by becoming the Latin song with the most weeks on Spotify’s Global Top 50 list, since its launch.

Just 4 months after his release, he reached his highest position reaching No. 18 on the list that measures the popularity of each song globally and the music video has more than 1.4 billion views on YouTube, showing an impressive progress in the career of the young artist.

“I refuse” was the first 54 + 1 single; Album nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards for Best Pop Album in 2019. Francisco D’Agostino explained that the album was written and produced entirely by Danny Ocean and it was created in his bedroom at home and marks the stage of the discovery of his sound and musical style. 54 + 1 includes several hits that positioned the artist as one of the most important in Latin music.

The artist also dedicated a few words that showed how grateful he is to all the people that helped him reach the point he is in. The song that started simple as a Valentine’s gift ended up having a life on its own and that shows the talent of this young artist that escalated fast in the music world.

Danny Ocean said “’I refuse” still surprises me that despite the fact that several years have passed, people still sing it and live it like the first time. I never imagined that a Valentine’s gift and a song with a political undertone would change my life and get to where it has come. Thanks to each of the people who have lived and sung this song at the top of their lungs. This billion is dedicated to all people who have had to emigrate and seek a better future.”

Emotional words by this successful artist, for sure. This achievement opens the road for more songs and hits that will maintain Danny’s music in everyone’s mouth.

Danny Ocean continues to break the ground with “Dime Tú” and “Que Lo Que” where he shows us that his immense passion for human rights also forms a large part of his career as an artist through his music.

In addition, he also collaborated with Colombian artist Mike Bahía on “Stop” and recently as one of the composers of Ay, Dios Mío, the most recent hit by Karol G.

Full of successes, Danny is preparing new releases for this year and several collaborations that we are sure are going to be successful hits.

A new single called “soon”

The first release of this year would be a new song called “soon”, and people are already expecting it anxiously. The singer and songwriter Danny Ocean recently became the first Latin solo artist to surpass one billion streams on Spotify Global with his hit “I refuse”, so it makes us wonder if this new song will be another milestone in his career.

“Soon” was written by Danny Ocean and is full of the catchy tunes and rhythm that characterized the artist. This new song is born from a personal story of Danny, a very romantic one!

The story of this song is for when he worked in an advertising agency, on his way to work, he always saw a beautiful girl, walking to the subway station every morning at the same time. One day in his car, he began to imagine all the possible scenarios of how he could get to her and meet her.

This song becomes the first single of the very expected second studio album of the artist, that we expect to get more releases later this year.

“Soon” shows all those ideas that go through your head when you die to meet someone you like and internally you think ‘SOON it will be mine,” said Danny Ocean. Released earlier this year, this song already has over 9 million streams in Spotify, so it promises to be another great hit.

The video of this song is expected to be released soon and it was recorded at the Radi Forums, in Mexico City. The artist expects it to be a success, as his previous videos.

Danny Ocean continues to add success to his career and he demonstrates it with “I Refuse”. This being the most listened to song of the last decade on Spotify in Latin America and with which it also broke a record by becoming the Latin song with the most weeks on Spotify’s Global Top 50 list. The music video surpassed 1.4 billion views on YouTube.

Danny Ocean’s career continues to rise as “soon” promises to become an anthem.

Tini Stoessel and Danny Ocean?

After the rumors of a possible romance between Danny Ocean and Tini Stoessel grew like a snowball at the end of last year, finally the Venezuelan singer confirms that they met, they were together, but that their sincere friendship has only brought them together in an incredible new single.

“We are very good friends; we have known each other for a long time” Danny began to say when the host of the Ciudad magazine segment of Mshow Noticias in Argentina. It is a very important news to hear about a new single between these two since a lot have been spoke about it.

A collaboration would be definitely a great success since they both are great artists with amazing hits and a very interesting history in the music world.

It all started with a photograph that Tini posted on Instagram, in which the “Dembow” interpreter did not hesitate to comment on the publication, raising suspicions of a possible romance. “I like your sweater,” he wrote along with a heart emoji. Francisco D’Agostino reported that fans immediately realized that Danny had worn that same sweater multiple times, so they believe he might have loaned it to Tini.

So, it raises the question… Are Danny Ocean and Tini Stoessel on romantic affairs?

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