Design Ideas to Consider When Building a Treehouse


Treehouses are excellent places to have fun and let the imagination run wild! Depending on their size, sturdiness, and how much weight they can hold, they can cater to people of all ages and sizes. Planning out and designing the construction of a treehouse can be exciting, though it needs a significant amount of focus in terms of practicality as well as the general structure.

There are several things you need to keep in mind when building a treehouse, so it helps to have all the help that you can get. Here is a quick guide to help you make the perfect treehouse for you and your little ones!

The Purpose of a Treehouse

A treehouse is exactly what its name suggests: it’s a house-made on a branch of a tree, usually used by children for wholesome recreational activities. It gives children their own space to be their most imaginative selves.

Treehouses are built upon sturdy well-aged tree branches that are usually accessible from the ground by a ladder. Most treehouses are covered, but some have an open space.

Things to Consider to Build the Perfect Treehouse

When designing a treehouse to build, there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure that it is the perfect one for you.

  • Capacity: one of the first things you need to consider while designing a treehouse is its capacity, that is, how many people it can hold at one time. If your child likes to have friends over for playing, it is a good idea to build a larger treehouse where all the children can fit in comfortably.
  • Type of Tree and Branches: the design of a treehouse, as well as its size, depends primarily on the type of tree at hand, and the kind of branches it has. It is wise to pick older trees as they are sturdier and can hold heavier weights than their younger counterparts. Moreover, trees with long branches can allow larger treehouses. Many people design treehouses keeping in mind the presence of the surrounding branches, so the shape of the treehouse depends on the adjacent branches.
  • Managing Stability: it goes without saying that treehouses need to be incredibly stable as they are supposed to hold kids. Children have erratic movements, thus need to be in places that can’t just bear their weight but can also tolerate their movements. It is therefore a good idea to build a treehouse as close to the trunk of a tree as can be, and support the structure with diagonal bracings.
  • Using more trees: to add stability to the structure, some people suggest making the use of multiple trees to spread the weight. By doing so, they can have a larger treehouse that can hold more weight.
  • Not too High: if your treehouse is supposed to be in a windy area, it is a good idea to avoiding building it too high on a tree, otherwise it might be at risk of falling in harsh conditions.
  • Add windows: add a couple of windows on the structure to add to the whimsical feel of a treehouse!


When building a treehouse one of the most important things to consider is the structure it has, and how it is designed. A lot of designs depend on the shape and size of the branches on which the treehouse is nested. Moreover, your personal requirements for a treehouse, such as your need for a swing, or more room to hold a larger number of people influence the final shape and structural design of a treehouse.

Your first step towards construction should always be evaluating your particular requirements to bring you one step closer to having the ideal treehouse!

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