Do you need a general contractor for a bathroom to remodel?


A bathroom, being the smallest room in the house, might not seem like a big deal to renovate. In actual terms, however, the bathroom is one of the house’s areas that requires a large amount of labor to renovate, even for the luxurious large bathrooms. The few hundred square feet require plumbing, electric installations, tile installation, cabinets, and possibly a few more extras like sound features or a heated floor.

Having all that in mind, you probably agree with me that you need to hire a general contractor, a qualified and experienced professional who has worked on numerous successful projects. The credentials, proper licensing, insurance, a good reputation, and a successful portfolio are essential. Reach out to a few references who can attest that the professional fulfilled or exceeded their expectations. Last but not least, it is needless to say remodeling requires high levels of creativity. You need a person who will bring lots of resources and creative ideas to the table.

Advantages of hiring a general contractor

Prior experience

Think of the tearing out of an already existing floor and replacing it with tiling or lamination, or installing an electric system for the shower, bathtub, lighting, sound features—complex, right? Such tasks are, however, the daily tasks of professional contractors. Their level of experience grows from hours and hours of home repairs and new installations. Why stress yourself out with complex bathroom remodeling?

Quality work

The more experienced the general contractor is, the better the quality of his or her work. What you can do for yourself or buy as ready-made cannot be compared to a professional contractor’s work. They have a bunch of expensive tools necessary for perfecting the job. Their experience also feeds them with a lot of creative ideas to perfect your bathroom.

Saves you time and money

Hiring remodeling contractors comes with a cost. But think about it. The possibility that something will go wrong the first time you try it is high—for the apparent reason, you are not a professional. Doing the right thing the first time will save you labor hours and materials. Having limited or no experience in the field, chances are high that you will go wrong somewhere and end up calling a professional. So why not call one before the mess?

Compliance with city codes and regulations

When you search for professional contractors near you, you will most likely find local contractors conversant and compliant with the local coding laws. Using your methods of repairing and remodeling may not guarantee compliance with the city code. The noncompliance can bring legal issues or unwanted delays to your project.

Disadvantages of hiring a general contractor

High cost

It is needless to say, hiring a professional contractor can significantly stretch your budget. Most people will choose to save on the cost of hiring and instead do the work using DIYs. However, as stated above, you might spend more by redoing and fixing something that goes wrong the first time.

Lack of new skills

Doing the work by yourself means you will have to research, watch instructional videos, and train yourself to work it out. The extra knowledge will boost your skill-set, which can be useful later in life.

You will not be in control of the project

Hiring remodeling contractors means handing them control over the project. You can express your vision for the project, but the contractor will be doing the work. Therefore, it is essential to hire a contractor who cares about what you have to say and intentionally turns your vision into a perfect reality.

Below are some of the things to look out for when hiring a general contractor

Open communication

According to the professionals from general contracting company, AFS General Contracting it’s important to outline clearly your expectations with your contractor before the work begins. For example, what time do you expect workers at your site? When can you discuss work progress or unexpected discoveries? Such questions will prevent conflicts later when the work has already begun. Consider having a message board where your contractor can leave questions and comments.

Clear contract

Ensure the contract contains a clear scope of the project, like:

  • Details of raw materials
  • A clear description of the contractor’s responsibilities
  • Start date and approximate completion date
  • The total cost of the project, payment plan, and cancellation penalties
  • A warranty for the artistry and materials for at least a year

Choose a contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling

Always take your time to review the contractor, and check they are experienced in bathroom remodeling projects. The last thing you want is to hire someone who’s never done bathroom remodeling. A lot of projects today are strictly regulated and code-specific—even the smallest ones like bathroom remodeling. Therefore, you’ll need to hire a general contractor who understands the details and scope of the project. 

Bottom Line

Whether or not to hire a general contractor for your bathroom remodeling project, each option has its benefits and downsides. But, you will need the option that gives you value for your money while ensuring quality work. If you are good with DIY projects, and you need to experiment with your bathroom remodeling, it’s your time to showcase your skill. On the other hand, don’t take the risk if you are not sure whether you can achieve the desired results of the remodeling project. 

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